Who Cares about Your Opinion

Everyone has an opinion about something. But why? When it comes down to the nitty-gritty who cares about your opinion or what you think? Of course, other people might consider your viewpoint. But, does it really matter. On a superficial level your thoughts and beliefs seem important and valuable. And, yes, we use opinions every day in our interactions. But who truly cares about your opinion?


You care about your opinion. That is to say. You, in reference to the mind’s self-created image of this person called you. The mind demands attachment and depends on opinions as a means to validate your existence. After all, the mind bases everything on thoughts, beliefs and opinions. Thus, the ego tells you that you are nothing without your beliefs and judgments. And, you usually belief what the mind tells you. The following list are definitions of an opinion.

– A belief or judgment that rests on grounds insufficient to produce complete certainty.

– A personal view, attitude, or appraisal.

– The formal expression of a professional judgment

– A judgment or estimate of a person or thing with respect to character, merit, etc.

– A favorable estimate; esteem.

As a result, you need opinions if you accept mind labels and explanations as the reason why you live. The world is full of people with individual and collective beliefs and viewpoints. How did you first react when you the title of this article? Did you notice a spontaneous shift in your mind and body? This is because the mind needs beliefs and personal attitudes. There are many reasons why the mind behaves this way. But, a journey of self-discovery relates to conscious awakening and not to the minds needs and wants.

An Opinion Is Not as Significant as You Think

I reflect, on occasion, to the experiences of my existence.  It seems opinions/beliefs are an underlying denominator in the endless bombardment of thoughts about our existence. An arsenal of attachments such as opinions and labels fuel the mind.  However, please note that most mind concepts are unnecessary in our life experience. At most, the mind is a useful tool to assist us in daily human experiences. Therefore, use thoughts, emotions and beliefs strictly for insignificant practical applications during your experiences. Do not base the experience of consciously living life on insignificant mind details and abstractions.

Therefore, consciously step back from all mind structures. Then, ask yourself if viewpoints, even thoughts and beliefs are of any true significance to consciously living here and now. What would you be without your opinions? The answer may not be as absurd or scary as you think. Simply focus on a conscious aware state of being.  Would life change without the use of opinions? No, life would not change. But, how you experience life would. Letting go of these conditioned structures will eventually shift your awareness. This transition allows the space of conscious presence to expand.  Thus, you will still use thoughts, feelings and beliefs without the need to attach yourself to such mind concepts.  


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