Realize Consciousness and Know the Mind

How do you regard the title of this article? Firstly, please recognize that the words are only and always just words. I often refer to words, symbols, thoughts and emotions as signposts or stepping stones to our inner universe. So, attempt to visualize the title statement as a stepping stone. And, with practice, you acknowledge the insignificance of the words or detail, other than as stepping stones. This is a step-by-step pathway. Thus, our state of presence shifts more and more to conscious awareness with each step. Likewise, every situation or moment offers the potential to realize the endless depth of our inner journey. This is the path of self-discovery beyond mind limitation.


Therefore, to know something is to perceive or understand what you experience now. We can illustrate this in the following insight. Be aware of awareness and know you are aware. Hence, you realize consciousness in its essence. Additionally, conscious realization benefits the relationship between you and the mind. Suddenly you observe the mind work efficiently without any interference to your aware state of being. Consequently, you will experience thoughts and emotions for what they are and nothing more. Henceforth, the spaciousness of conscious presence becomes your permanent home. You will still experience everything. But, conscious living allows clarity, balance and harmony to thrive.

Deeply Realize What Is Beyond the Mind

Moreover, the mind cannot know consciousness, although it constantly tries to understand. Nevertheless, consciousness and conscious awareness is beyond mind. Non-attachment and non-dependency nurture presence and the conscious energy flow. So, a person thinks they know something. But, this is usually and strictly a mind reaction. This is a mind experience. And, such experiences are not as significant as the mind insists. An experience of the mind lacks clarity, depth and isness of the moment. Whereas, conscious knowing is a realization. Realization and consciousness are synonymous. Your life experience is never about the details within any moment. Instead, the experience of life is about the moment itself. There is a difference.

The essence of this universal presence has nothing to do with the mind.  Nevertheless, the mind produces energy as is true of all objects within the flow of universal presence. Furthermore, the flow of universal life energy, as a frequency, manifests more freely as object consciousness expands. In turn, object consciousness realizes that it is not a singular entity. Thus, self-consciousness fades as the vastness of universal consciousness becomes obvious. 

I wish you a wonderful day


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