Salvation or Enlightenment! Why Do We Search?

We strive for a predetermined salvation. It is the mind that self-imposes behavior and thinking patterns onto our experience of life. Thus, we willingly and unwillingly play the role of a fool. We must not suffer. But the mind tells us that to reach redemption requires sacrifice and suffering. However, thoughts, beliefs, and suffering, are solely mind based misunderstandings of how to live life.


After all, we are the source of everything we seek. Correspondingly, we are and always have been a part of the totality. Still, we fear and hate in addition to many other conditioned factors. Thus, we search in the hope of finding redemption. Now, let’s focus on the word enlightenment. However, as we have often discussed, remember that words are only words. Therefore, let words, definitions, and beliefs only have a practical purpose for you. These signposts can be beneficial on your inner path. Nonetheless, they are only signpost and no more. Hence, salvation is a product of the mind. The experience of living and being conscious is beyond words.

The Search for Salvation

Our deepest yearning is to be free of mind and body. But, we cannot experience this through any type of mind deliverance. Any such attempt by the mind is strictly a plan of escape from life and living. Non-attachment to thoughts, beliefs, and fear allows enlightenment to shine. The ego needs redemption. The experience of being and manifesting universal life consciousness does not need salvation. Nor, does universal intelligence need anything. It simple is. And, it becomes more aware of itself through the conscious awakening of objects such as ourselves. Furthermore, we cannot find enlightenment. Nor, can we lose it. It has and will always engulf us. It is there to experience in every moment.

We sometimes peer beyond the limitations set by the mind. This void is a vastness of space that teems with energy. This is the same energy that flows and manifests through us. Therefore, we naturally feel drawn to this limitless realm and we fear it in the same moment. The mind will insist that you will reach salvation someday when you are worthy. But, not today.  Thus, we remain hopeful and fearful of something that doesn’t exist. Please focus on this simple realization. Salvation is mind-made and entraps you. Salvation is dependent on things, people, or a deity outside of you. Enlightenment is the recognition of your true nature. (You are co-creating through the life conscious energy that empowers you.) Enlightenment is simple awareness of being and non-attachment from everything.     

I wish you a happy and healthy day

P.S. This video from Jason Gregory offers profound insight into living peacefully, in harmony with life.


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