Presence Is a Good Signpost

The constant desire to be in the moment can backfire. Furthermore, we unknowingly become preoccupied with the thoughts of living in presence. We allow the mind and thought patterns to basically exploit object consciousness. We no longer acknowledge the gateway between object and universal consciousness.


Therefore, presence is vital on the path to enlightenment. The reason for practicing living in the now is obvious. Eckhart Tolle and other sages suggest Being aware of awareness. This, in itself, is beneficial insight. Furthermore, existing is the natural state of any and every form in the universe. Object consciousness, at a given evolutionary level, initiates self-consciousness. We become conscious of our being, the immediate surroundings and the universe.

However, mind evolution often has a detrimental influence on our consciousness (detrimental contains the word mental). I feel that there is no correlation between the two words. Furthermore, it appears that the mind and thought patterns do more harm than good in reference to awareness, presence or consciousness. This is why the statement “being aware of awareness” is a useful practical exercise.

Let’s reflect on this insight. The development of our consciousness parallel with our brain development is truly a blessing and a curse. The very fact that we think and feel complicates the natural flow of universal consciousness. Moreover, we often miss the simplicity or actuality of a moment. This is because of our infatuation with thoughts, feelings, ego and or the content of now. Furthermore, we are willing to take a consolation prize (materialistic and mental gratification). Henceforth, we decline accepting the first prize. The jackpot of our existence is an enlightened state of being.

Presence can Show us the Way

We unconsciously accept mind thought patterns as a reflection of our being. Consequently, conditioning causes us to believe everything that the mind tells us. Therefore, we search frantically for these illusions. We spontaneously react to the mind without realizing the insignificance of the information it imposes on us in relation to this moment.

Now let’s go back to the main topic of our discussion. Our practice is to focus on shifting from mind (thoughts, feelings and ego) to the simple awareness of now (being). Please understand what active awareness suggests. This does not imply focusing on the details within the moment. These are temporary and will soon pass by. Therefore, focus on the energy and your relationship to it. Otherwise, the mind will continue to overwhelm object consciousness.

A key to being aware of awareness is not to be consumed by the thoughts or emotions that the mind invokes on you in any given moment. The mind will say you can only be in presence when you think, want and expect it. This is false. This type of conditioned behavior does not offer the space needed to be present. However, the mind will trick and confuse us into believing that we are in presence; when actually we only think that we are present. The practice of active awareness is significant for reuniting object and universal consciousness. However, this can never truly be possible when we are overshadowed by thought and emotion patterns. Therefore, it is wise to impartially observe the minds activities; both personal and collective.  

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