Pieces of Life Fall into Place

We compare life to a puzzle. Accordingly, the mind portraits an image of how life should be for us. And, most people accept the minds image.  Therefore, you are the puzzle player. The game you play is life. How do you play this game? Are you an active conscious player? Or, does the mind dictate how you play? Admittedly, it seems easier to just go along with the mind and let it dominate life. However, a person that lives life according to the mind’s rules uses thoughts and emotions as puzzle pieces.


On the other hand, a conscious awakened person focuses primarily on one piece of puzzle. The act of aware presence liberates this one piece (moment) from all attachments, whether of mind or body. The one piece of puzzle you hold in this moment is the ongoing determining influence for how you live life. Universal energy flows in response to your observation of being here and now. Therefore, your state of beingness is always the center of the universe in terms of how, where and even why there is a puzzle.  Conscious presence reveals that this one piece, this one moment is the totality of your life experience. Thus, a state of aware beingness is the experience of oneness. And, the act of being is infinite with many possibilities.

How the Pieces of Life Fall into Place

Let’s say that the background framework of a puzzle is similar to the unmanifested dimension of universal energy. But, without boundaries. You are always somewhere within this flowing stream. And, your level of awareness allows consciousness to blossom. Likewise, your state of presence determines how you observe what manifests in your existence.  Therefore, there is a question that you can ask during any experience.  Am I consciously here and how? Additionally, you nurture the expansion of conscious awareness by asking yourself the following question. How do I truly wish to experience this moment? Alan Watts said it beautifully and I wish to paraphrase from his teachings.

You are the Big Bang that started everything and you are still creating it.

What did Mr. Watts wish to share through this insight? How you observe yourself in this moment determines how you experience what manifests through you. The mind fabricates detail upon detail and insists this is your reality. But, you are not your mind. And, definitely not your thoughts. Active awareness in a state of presence reveals a reality that flows within the totality of being.


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