Equanimity: A Helpful Stepping Stone in Life

What is equanimity? This word has many interpretations. This is true for all words. However, conscious enlightenment is beyond words, thoughts, and the mind. Therefore, I ask that you practice understanding without defining. Please exercise knowing without needing to clarify. Why do I ask this of you? Because you hold universal intelligence within your grasp as the essence of your being. Anything that we use is merely a stepping stone back to the totality of our being. We are always on this path.  Lao Tzu expresses The Way of life in the “Tao Te Ching”.


So, we can say that the stepping stones are The Way. Then why does it seem so difficult, even impossible, to experience the enlightenment of our true nature? This is because we usually are not aware of the path markers along the way. A diversity of conditioned mind thoughts, feelings and behavior cause us to overlook the obvious. We actually choose to blindly walk the path of life. We unconsciously take each step because we don’t truly observe The Way. Still, and foremost, this unconscious state of living is irrelevant once we awaken to The Way in life. The moment will come when a person will know without needing to know why he or she knows.

Equanimity Is Your Compass Along the Way

Equanimity is an English word that originates from Pali words used in Buddhism teachings. Still, please remember the word(s) are not significant except for directional finders along The Way. The words I am going to share are really one and the same. Just as you and life are one and the same. At best, we can express these path finders as qualities of Equability. Thus, of life.

Upekkhā is the impartial observation, within the space of consciousness, of everything that happens. Upekkhā is one of the Brahma Vihara (meditative states). You observe but don’t become entangled by the observation.

Tatramajjhattatā is three Pali words that refer to “there in the middle”. Furthermore, this suggests remaining conscious as you experience the mental (mind) aspects of a situation. You experience balance and harmony. This is a state of non-attachment.

We have always known how to live within a state of equanimity. Its origin is the essence of being. This is that certain something that calls you to return home. And, indeed, it will seem that you are on The Way home. And, you use stepping stones along The Way until there is no longer a need, want, or attachment.  Then you realize that you have always been home. And, you acknowledge your constant enlightenment as a universal being. I assure you that how you experience everything will change in that moment.

Wishing you a happy and healthy day


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