Thought Compression or Conscious Relaxation?

Ask this question. How do I wish to live? Let’s compare the mind to a computer. It has a program (conditioning) used for the compression of data (thoughts). However, the mind usually overloads us with too many thoughts. Why? Simply because we are not consciously aware. We could also call this living consciously or freedom from mind interference.


Otherwise, the mind will attempt to compress more and more thoughts into your conscious state of being (presence). This compression can be an advantage for the storage and transfer of data on a computer. However, it can be very burdening for a life-form with a deeper level of consciousness. Why? Simply because consciousness suggests that an object has the potential to be self-aware. Self-consciousness, in turn, causes us to ask why.

Thought Compression Restricts Conscious Awareness

The sole reason for this is because it happens due to unawareness. Furthermore, a person thinks or believes that the details of any experience dictate what happens. But, this is mostly an illusion. Still, the interjection and compression of thoughts continue. These act as a veil of deception.

Consequently, a person often remains in a vicious thought cycle. The mind will compress thoughts. Thus, overwhelm you. However, you innately know that there is a dimension of vibrating life energy. It is there in the background of your activities. Why not allow it to be the forefront of your experiences? It offers space and clarity. Awareness can open the portal to universal consciousness. Blissfulness blossoms as you shift from mind to the realm of consciousness.

This freedom does not necessarily mean that you will not experience thoughts. However, it does allow you to accept these thoughts and to move beyond them. They become the background of your existence. Whereas your awareness to the space found within presence will be in the foreground. The details of our experiences ultimately have nothing to do with the simple act of presence. It is possible to relax within this dimension of non-manifested energy. There you acknowledge your true potential as a conscious being.


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