The World is Changing Because of You

The ego and mind conditioning are still very predominant in many people. This results in a strengthening of fear and anxieties in humans. It is difficult for people to go beyond this human nature and nurture an awakening to consciousness. The Bible, among other literature, has stories that offer possible insight into a conscious awakening. There is one such example in which Jesus told the disciples about the end of the world. However, the word world had another meaning during this period of our history. Jesus lived during a period when it basically meant an age or an epoch. Jesus may very well have given his disciples and all human beings a message about the awakening of consciousness. But have we misinterpreted his teachings?

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Still, a new age or era is within our reach, consciously speaking. It may very well be necessary for our evolution. This change will affect our manner of thinking and believing. It may indicate the end of the world as we have known it. This could mean a true apocalypse, an end to everything that the mind has interpreted and defined. This does not necessarily mean an end but rather a new beginning. Whereby we base reality on conscious interaction and not on mind content, interpretation, and definition.

You Are Changing the World and the Universe

More awareness of consciousness can open space in the framework of our existence. This will permit universal consciousness to radiate through our human form. This higher consciousness is our true essence. It is the foundation of our existence. Thus, awareness of this will provide space in which the oneness of life can flow more smoothly. This would give each of us more freedom and tranquility in our daily experiences. We could experience unity with life instead of living in the shadow of mind-induced separation.

We would still experience everything at the level of our existence. Still, there would be a change in how we feel about ourselves, other people, and situations. The world of humankind would shift from mind content to consciousness. Henceforth, we would observe this moment from a state of active awareness instead of mind-triggered reactions. Yesterday or tomorrow, nor even the experiences of now, would cause anxiety and fear.


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