Completely Complete Here and Now

You come from one; completely.
It has always been the one.
You are simply here to live.
Do you feel it? Be it! You are alive.
You are the one that shines like the sun.
It is you that creates the moon and stars.


You are here, now. Do you feel it?
There is nothing less or more than one being.
Therefore, too be or not to be is not the question.
It is you that creates being.
It is you that are one; completely.

Will you live, love and have some fun?
Being is simply to be, completely.
You often want to ask how and why.
But, the gift of being is not a question.

You Are Here Now; Completely.

Sickness may come and sadness may show.
Nevertheless, you are always you as one state of being.
Health and happiness are also within you.
Thus, feel it now and know that it is you.
Being is to be and it is true.
You are life, you are love
Therefore, be it now…

A moment in reflection…

The mind tends to invoke complexity. It questions everything and when there are no answers it makes up assumptions, beliefs and stories. In other words, the mind is oblivious to living and loving. Why? Because determining why and how to live and love overwhelms the mind.

So, don’t allow thoughts and emotions to fool you. Yes, your experience of life will have difficulties. But, you decide how to interact with both life and your human self. Therefore, you can continue to do this unconsciously or take the next step and consciously live life. It seems difficult to accept most daily situations because the mind interferes with your conscious observation of any moment. Thus, mind clutter catches you in a whirlwind of confusion. This is true for everyone. Only the level of intensity varies from person to person. The majority of the world populace is still struggling with confusion, anxiety and fear. So, everyone teaches you to think positive, completely avoid thoughts, or if necessary, seek professional help. Nevertheless, avoidance and unconscious behavior are never the path to conscious enlightenment.

I wish you joy.

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