Desire to Love

I have completed my third book manuscript a few months ago. However, I have decided to wait just a little longer before starting the editing work and publication. This decision was based on several factors, including financial and the desire to revise the first draft. Nevertheless, it should be ready for publishing later this year.


The book takes consciousness and our desire to love into consideration. Love and our relationship with it, us and others is the main topic within the pages. There are also many poems about life and love throughout the book that I have written. These correlate with the topics discussed in each chapter.

Consciousness flows where life grows: love is the seed that lets it blossom!

I will continue to keep you up to date on the manuscript’s development and publishing date. Likewise, I feel that the ideas and insight within this book are well structured and should be interesting for most people. My first and second books have given me helpful experience in writing and have also benefited my inner journey. These experiences, together with sharing and learning with you, have hopefully been beneficial in offering you with a reading experience that will be helpful for you in the process of awakening consciously.

Desire Love and Experience Life

Any life-form that evolves beyond a given mental and conscious level can achieve a deeper synchronicity with love…life and ultimately universal consciousness. However this can only occur when the given life-form is aware and willing.

If you desire to love, then simply love and if you wish to truly live, then simply live. It is easy to experience true love and share this with someone. Presence is the key to love and to life.

Take care and best wishes

P.S. Here are the Amazon links for my first two books. There are available as paperback and Kindle. The books are also continuously offered as free download for Kindle Unlimited users. Additionally, I am currently revising the text in “One Moment in Life”. I should be uploading the revised version to Amazon next week if you are interested in ordering it.

One Moment in Life: Rediscovering Inner Awareness

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