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Rule of Engagement During Your Experiences

The article title is a point of emphasis for our discussion. However, please don’t focus on the words. Many people function day-to-day by using a rule of engagement behavior during the act of living. People use these codes of conduct in countless situations. Still, this behavior is strictly of the mind. Nevertheless, is it possible to live without attaching your state of being to these mind patterns? Yes, it is easier than you think. The question to ask is are you ready to live life outside of a mind-made box? The purest expression of living is unconditional, in the flow of aware silence. Stillness doesn’t mean that you are free of thoughts. Instead, it suggests that you live without attaching your sense of self to thoughts and feelings. There, in this space, is where consciousness flows. And, consciously living offers harmony and balance.


People and situations change. And, changes are constant. Nonetheless, the mind does its best to understand everything, including why everything changes. And, the mind lures you into playing its game of questions, searching and labeling.  So, you want to understand everything by asking how, why and what. But, ultimately, there is only one question beneficial to consciously living in presence. Ask yourself. Why must you understand anything? Yes, of course, there are things in our daily activities that require our attention. Thus, for practical purposes, we must understand some things. But, this should be the extent of our need to understand. Still, the mind reacts, often radically, to change and the need to understand. Continue reading

Bugs and Insects Everywhere

I observed a bird hopping through the grass searching for something to eat a few days ago. The bird does what we do each day in an evolutionary and fundamental manner.  Survival is instinctive… as is true for all animals, plants and people. Thus, a bird eats bugs, worms and basically anything that is digestible. Of course, species evolution differs between birds and humans in various aspects. And yet, the two, as well as all species, are more alike than is apparent at first glance.


Are you self-conscious? And, if yes, do you think that self-consciousness provides you with advantages? Well, on the contrary, self-consciousness is a psychological side-affect that adversely influences living within unconditional presence. Let’s use the bird to illustrate this idea. Bugs and other insects are everywhere. And, yet, from time to time a bird will attempt to catch something to eat and miss. What does the bird do after it fails to catch a bug? It continues hopping in the grass without any self-contemplation or self-doubt until the next insect appears. On the other hand, what do you often experience when you miss the bus or can’t complete a task? Self-consciousness, overthinking and conditional behavior overwhelm you with confusion, self-doubt and fear. Thus, evolutionary development of cerebral functions such as self-consciousness and classical conditioning inhibit our aware presence.
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