Whisper Softly: Telling Me Secrets

Do you often hear a soft whisper? It is here. A being without definition or purpose. It is a presence. We have known of it since the dawn of consciousness. And we are always striving to become part of it. Sometimes timidly and other times frantically during our evolution. We grasp for this mysterious something because it feels like home.


Some people are oblivious to it. Still others want to label it. Therefore, space consciousness gets names and reasons for being. This has become a repetitive cycle throughout our history. Some people even call this mystery a secret among many more secrets. And yet the soft whisper of life consciousness shares everything. But we don’t truly listen. Still this presence is intense. Hence people continue to relentlessly search for it. Many individuals want this so badly that they will think and believe anything to get enlightenment.

We praise it today. Tomorrow we curse it. The softness of this presence can cause madness to an unconscious mind. The gift of universal consciousness is here and now. But still it seems to remain just out of reach. Thus, we play a game. Now I have it. But now I don’t. This is what the mind thinks and we believe these thoughts. But the whisper of life remains.

The Whisper of Life Is Calling

The insight everything is not what you think hold true. Life is a bounty of possibilities. And likewise, it is not. Why? Because we are living the mystery of life. And we are already home. Therefore, how you live life is important. And it depends on you. You might say that this is impossible because so many things happen. Or so it seems. Practice accepting that everything is not what you think. Especially when the mind dominates an experience. 

Focus deeply on the whisper of life as it accompanies you. Here you will discover a space that feels very familiar. You will begin to trust this soft energy vibration of life as you and it consciously awaken. This soft voice is actually the echo of your own self. This being is the one self. Acknowledge the soft sensation.

Wishing you a nice day!




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