Life Vibrates So Just Let It Flow

The universe vibrates with energy. Accordingly, life is a frequency of the universe. You can flow with universal life energy. Or, you can attempt to resist it. Either way, you are influencing these vibrations. You exist.  But, often are not aware of the essence of being. It is accurate to write that you are alive. But, are you truly living life? Let’s start this conversation with a quote. Moreover, Abraham Lincoln’s insight offers much more about living than just the written words.

“People are just about as happy as they make up their minds to be.” – Abraham Lincoln


This sounds silly but please stop listening to the mind for a moment. Instead, reflect on what you sense beyond words and thoughts. That deep innate sensation is your true state of being. So, I ask again. Are you truly alive?

The answer is still no for the majority of people. This is because we experience most of our existence in a state of automation. Oh, it is correct to say that we laugh, we cry, and often we are afraid.  But, are we actually truly aware of being? Your individual answer will either reflect a state of unconsciousness being or an active conscious state of being. Furthermore, the mind cannot accept the simply act of being. And the mind does all that it can to fabricate anything that might explain why.  This unconscious behavior is why we mostly exist in a limbo state of automation.

It seems that it is better to avoid the full splendor of being in its pure essence. At least, this is what the mind tells us. However, such mind reasoning nurtures unconsciousness. Thus, we usually exist. But, do we truly live? And, no, this is not a trick question.

The Universe Vibrates Through You So Trust in Yourself

So, acknowledge that life will reveal itself according to how you see yourself in relationship to it. Correspondingly, this determines your state of awareness to living. Likewise, this determines how universal life consciousness vibrates through your state of being. Therefore, it is consciously beneficial to non-attach the (self) from crazy mind-generated things. Just trust that inner sensation and accept the universal flow. Living is being and knowing that being is everything, regardless of temporary existence details.  The significance lies in finding balance within the inner universe of being. Accordingly, you will instantly harmonize with universal energy and all things within this flowing vibration.

Thus, you are and you are truly conscious of being. Hence, thoughts, emotions, people, and situations have no true impact over your state of being. Likewise, you realize that everything is as it is because of how you experience it. Be consciously active during your experience of being. I can assure you that your life experience will suddenly be clear and pure.

Oh, to simply be…to consciously see the trees, the lakes, and the seas. This is life living freely as one. So, how do you find the way back to the place you never left? Realize that you are always there within. This mystical place is beyond the mind, a place where there is no time, reason or whine. Living is to be alive without the how, but or why. This is how I have chosen to be. How will you decide? Are you ready?

Wishing you a joyful and safe day.

P.S. This link is an article from Psychology Today about living in the now.


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