Choppy Water: You Can Alleviate the Turbulence

My youth was very turbulent. At least, this is what the mind had convinced me. Still, I am very thankful for all situations. Everything was and is as it should be. Additionally, all experiences are beneficial to the conscious awakening process. I recall sensing something at a very young age. The essence of life, of being, were calling for me to awaken. But, I didn’t grasp the significance of this until I was much older. There were years and years when I choose to suffer instead of accept the calling from deep within. I had chosen to make choppy water by resisting the flow of life.


There is a lake that I had often visited in my youth. Reflecting on such experiences is beneficial as an analogy during the conscious awakening process. Likewise, we can use this experience for our discussion topic. High Point Lake is one of many places that I visited as a boy. And, in hindsight, I know that it was these experiences that nurtured the connection I (we) have with life. The analogy that we will use is between choppy water and our thoughts.

Choppy Water and Persistent Thoughts

High Point Lake is located at the highest point in Pennsylvania. Thus, its elevated position may explain the often-abrupt changes in the weather. But, all in all, the area offers beautiful scenery and nice climatic conditions. I would always get up very early in the morning during our camping/fishing trips. The lake was always calm and looked just like a smooth mirror reflection. The water and surroundings remained still until roughly an hour after daybreak.

Then, the water would change from motionless to rough. Slowly, but steadily, waves appeared and the lake surface became very choppy. I recall sitting on a log and trying my best to concentrating on each new wave. The rolling waves would continue until late in the evening. Additionally, there was a land quarry at the far end of lake. The sound of dynamite exploding could be hear throughout the day. This added a chaotic affect to the turbulent water.

Have you every thrown one stone after another into a tranquil surface of water? The waves spread out in all directions. They collide with each other and all things that get in their way. This is a good example of the water on the lake. In the same manner, this is the affect that thoughts have on our state of presence. The baseline (being present) is calm. But, one thought after the other results in turbulence. This is because we unconsciously attempt to focus on the majority of these passing thoughts. Hence, the torment of thought waves flood over the serenity of aware presence. Practice letting each thought flow without attaching anything to it. No labels, no judgement, and no anxiety.

Best wishes


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