Things Are not Thoughts Nor of Mind

Objects are not in any way, shape, or form related to our thoughts. Does this should odd or even wrong? Still, let’s consider this further. Things manifest in the universe. They are there without the need for classification. Yesterday, I was relaxing during the transition into meditation. I was aware of a bird singing, a lawnmower, and an airplane during this shift in perspective. There, within it all, was a state of presence and I was observing the brains interactions.


Here it is beneficial to acknowledge how the mind is interacting. This is because the things detected were uninteresting to the mind. Instead, it cleverly disregarded everything because the mind is egocentric. Nevertheless, it was busy labeling everything. Furthermore, the mind was having a wonderful time talking to itself.

This never-ending self-dialogue went on an on as the mind chattered away. The mind literally seemed to be on a crusade. The thoughts consisted of assumptions, questions, and supposed answers. But, everything that the mind was talking to itself about was irrelevant. The mind’s dialogue was a self-analysis such as “why I like this” and “why I don’t like that”.

Thoughts Are Never Things

One thought would analyze the next thought and on and on. But, ultimately, nothing that the mind thinks has anything to do with the things it is thinking about. Please reflect on this for a moment and let’s rephrase this idea. The mind is only concerned with its self-dialogue and self-analysis.

You can verify this through a simple exercise. Practice detaching your aware state of presence from everything except being present. Then casually sit back and observe how the mind behaves in any situation that unfolds. You (true self) will be aware of things. However, look closely at the mind’s activities. This is because it really only thinks about what it thinks. Try this exercise in any given moment of conscious awareness.

You will begin to realize the space available within a detached state of presence. The mind behavior/process mentioned has keep you a prisoner. This realization will allow you to experience everything as it is now without mind interference. 


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