The Stream of Life and What You Perceive

I remember a flowing stream from long ago. And, this stream played a significant role in my childhood. Furthermore, it is a beneficial focus point that I use during my ongoing conscious awakening. I grew up in a mountainous area. There were ponds, lakes and brooks everywhere. I explored such places and the nearby woodland during my childhood. Have you ever crossed a shallow mountain brook? This is where a person can experience real perception. Your level of awareness is very active during an attempt to cross a brook. Otherwise, a misperception or unaware assumption results in a wet foot or a cold bath in the water. 


Therefore, crossing a mountain stream gives us an opportunity to appreciate and practice aware presence. Likewise, this state of presence offers a chance to flow within universal consciousness. Thus, we realize our totality as both object and universal consciousness in such a moment.

Cross the Stream of Life with Conscious Presence as Your Guide

You need aware presence in each moment during any attempt to cross a stream. Unconditional awareness gives you clarity, whether crossing a brook or during any other situation. You will discover many stones in most smaller streams. The stones offer passage from one side to the other. And, choosing the next stepping stone is significant to your journey. Equally, consciously choosing each step on the path of life determines how you experience something. Crossing a stream involves aware presence.  Which stone I am standing on now and where do I wish to go. This state of conscious beingness is essential to avoid falling in the water.

You will understand this analogy well through the practice of stream crossing. Therefore, try this yourself as an exercise in conscious awakening. I suggest that you find a shallow brook with stones and cross it by using the stones. However, thoughts, feelings and assumptions are not really helpful during your journey across a stream or in consciously living life.  Aware presence is beneficial. Otherwise, your will surely fall in the water.

P.S. The poem The Stream from my third book Love Will Show You the Way inspired me to write this article.


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