Laugh… Everything Is Fine

Are you familiar with the following mottos? Laugh and the world laughs with you. And. Laughter is the best medicine. The mind plagues us with stories of worry, problems and fears. Most of these are thoughts that we should not take too seriously.


Pause for one moment and be aware. Thoughts abound in our mind each moment. And, each and every thought wants to be in the spotlight. Now focus on any given thought or thoughts. Take a close conscious look at the thought(s). Is this thought or these thoughts really relevant to this moment? Probably not.

Therefore, practice accepting thoughts without attachment or dependency. Thoughts are merely thoughts. Nothing more and nothing less. Thoughts, as well as emotions, are not tangible. Thoughts and feelings cannot hurt you, never.

You are familiar with presence, as an expression of beingness (isness). However, the obvious truth beyond this state of being often remains hidden. You are presence through the sheer simplicity of being you. Most people live life in search of presence. Likewise, the majority of people run in circles asking the following question over and over. What is presence? Take this moment to reflect on what you have just read. Then, look to the sky and laugh from your heart. Why? Because now you know the search for life and purpose is over. You are you as the beingness of your person, presence, life and the universe.

Laugh Out Loud and Enjoy Being You   

Presence reflects a direct correlation with now, this moment. Logically, living in presence only happens now. But, the mind usually disregards this undeniable fact. Thus, the mind fills the space of presence with insignificant thoughts and emotions as obstacles. Nevertheless, it is not thoughts and emotions that distract you from living in presence. On the contrary, lack of conscious awareness to the insignificance of thoughts and emotions prevents you from letting them go. You live in repetitive uncertainty, anxiety and fear as a result. Being you, regardless of any temporary shortcomings, is easier than you think.  You must only allow yourself to be you, totally.


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