Symbolizing Life Restricts Actually Living Life

It is true that any individual cannot truly change the behavior of a person or the details of a situation. However, it is possible for each person to change his or her perspective in each moment. It is very difficult for the mind to accept what happens in any given moment. The key is to realize that each person determines the outcome of his or her life experience. This unfolds simply through the observe of living. I cannot write or say the following often enough. Your relationship with the mind is capable of changing everything. Not the mind itself, but simply through your aware relationship with it. This determines how you interact with the mind. And, how you observe the mind, yourself and any situation regulates the consequence (flow) of any thought, feeling or manifestation.


On the other hand, symbolizing details of your experiences, other than for basic practical use, restricts aware presence. Thus, the manifestation of presence flows in parallel with our energy output that is either conscious or unconscious. Likewise, we use symbolization to create illusions of living and loving. offers us the following in reference to symbolic representation. Symbolization is the unconscious mental representation of one thing by another. Therefore, use of a symbol is also an attempt to resolve assumptions, questions and interpretations of how we live. Symbolizing structures our life experience so that it is more familiar and recognizable in accordance with a thought or feeling.

Rigidly Symbolizing Causes Confusion

Any symbol is only as powerful, reliable, judgmental, or forgiving as the mind energy that creates it. And, this symbol can change at any time according to the mind’s whim. Likewise, again and again the mind tells you the importance of symbolizing something.  Nevertheless, simply let the mind go on and on. But, don’t attach yourself to any thought, feeling or symbol. The influence of any of the three mentioned in the previous sentence depends on how you observe them. Any unconscious attachment or dependency cause confusion, frustration or fear in our experiences. This repetitively happens when a person lives from the mind in an unaware state of being. However, these mind illusions stop when you anchor yourself in living and loving through the simple act of unattached beingness.

In the end it all comes down to your observation of the energy manifesting through you. Every person has the option to change how he or she observes and thus, lives life. Suddenly, as you shift from mind to aware presence, there is a synchronicity within your experiences. And, most likely, this synchronism will surprise you. The simple practice of non-attachment allows everything to naturally unfold without resistance.


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