Forgiveness and Love on the Path of Life

Many people assume love comes from a source greater than ourselves. We created love and we are responsible for how we experience love. But, this is difficult for the mind to accept. Love, as with consciousness, is energy. But, we often misinterpret the origin and depth of love because the mind demands explanations. However, the flow of love—and life energy, for that matter—originates in you. Forgiveness is a helpful stepping stone on the path of true self-discovery. Why? Because misinterpretations of love often cause suffering. Furthermore, you see yourself as a pawn and victim of love. But, universally speaking, we can purify love and life through the simple act of consciously living. 


Yes, I am suggesting that each person is essentially the source of universal energy. Hence, this energy becomes conscious and learns to express love. Does the power of thinking or believing influence how or if it manifests? It would first seem that love, in itself, has nothing to do with how it manifests. Or does it? My intention is not to play a word game with you. The point of these questions is to give us an understanding of love. We should focus on being love and not on mind concepts of love. There is a difference, spiritually and universally speaking.

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Forgiveness Offers Conscious Freedom

There is love each moment. And we influence, thus either nurture or contaminate, it. Consciously experiencing universal energy to love allows us to become love. Use this energy for forgiveness and we forgive and so forth.

So, love is a frequency in the flow of life. This is also true for universal consciousness. Conscious awareness allows us to experience being life and being love. Usually the mind mimics the purity of living and loving. How? The mind does this through thoughts, assumptions, and definitions.

But it is best to actively and consciously experience love and life. Am I suggesting that there is no love or life without consciousness? No, this is not what I am suggesting. Yet, a life-form is not truly aware of something without having a given state of consciousness. All objects are within this energy dimension. Conscious awakening allows us to acknowledge the presence of loving and living within this flow.



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