Life Is to Be Lived in Unity: Don’t Be Afraid

We often use the word unity in our daily activities; including spirituality. But what is beyond the word?  Stop before you start thinking about unity. This is not something to think about, define, or even assume. At least not if you wish to truly experience it.  The pure essence of the universe is unification. Living is much more than what we can think. Let’s attempt the Star Wars Jedi Knight approach. This suggests feeling the life energy in you and in everything that is around you. Moreover, please realize that you are within everything. What you experience is essentially a reflection of yourself.


Aware presence will allow you to experience harmony. The body is already flowing harmoniously with life energy. Therefore, it does not need to interpret anything.  Nor does the body need to consider what it does. It simply is. The flow of energy is constant. Your body is a catalyst. Life awareness can and will nurture this flow. A conscious state of awareness opens a portal to the isness of life. You awaken. Thus, this gateway will remain open. Henceforth, we awaken more and more to the isness of life. Furthermore, the alliance between everything becomes very clear. Thoughts and feelings of separation will still appear. But they will have no manipulative power of you.

Living Without Fear

Let’s look at a few examples of our behavior in situations that invoke separation. What usually happens when you encounter a bee? Most people experience fear when they see a bee. Worst case scenario is when a bee flies around your face or lands on your arm.  The bee usually has no ill-will toward you. Still, your anxiety and fear increase. The bee senses your fear. Then it stings you. Why? Because it felt and shared your fear. It became afraid. The instinctive reaction of the bee is to sting when it is afraid.

What happens when a person wishes to ride a horse for the first time? The majority of people are apprehensive and overly cautious about horse riding. Thus, a fearful person will radiate anxiety and fear when approaching a horse to ride. Horses are very sensitive. The horse is immediately aware that you are afraid of something. The horse doesn’t know that you are afraid of it. Anxiety and fear increase as you get closer to the horse. And, this is how the horse will also behave. Its eyes will get larger. It becomes visible nervous. The horse suddenly steps away from you.  It may panic and run away at full speed.

Why did this happen? The horse shared your fear. And it instinctively sensed that it must do something. This usually means fight or flight for an animal. A normal reaction for the horse is to resist and run. You were not able to touch the horse. It does this to avoid closer contact with the source of this fear. You are causing this panic attack. The horse is simply channeling what you manifest.

Living the Flow of Life Within Everything

Does this sound familiar? Do you do this in your experiences with people and things? Now you know why. It is usually not your fear but the anxiety, fear or even anger in another. But most people think that something is wrong with the horse in such a situation. It is not apparent to the person that he or she is responsible. People usually associate a nervous horse with a lack of unity between the person and the horse. This assumption may not be accurate. We usually assume that the other person, animal or thing is to blame. Hence, a typical reaction is “the horse doesn’t understand my intentions” or “why is the dog growling at me”. 

Still, the unity between us and everything is always very intense. This is to say, if we are aware and allow. We are living in a partnership with everything. It is only the mental and emotional obstructions that distract us from this constant unification.

The type of interaction mentioned above also indicates behavioral conditioning. This is unavoidable. Every life-form has some degree of conditioning. However, conditioning cannot explain what is there when we step outside these behavioral patterns. We either react according to mind conditioning. Or we experience a deeper awakening to the dimension of consciousness. This suggests observing everything as it is and not how we interpret or label it.  Observing each moment from an aware perception will expand object consciousness. This would; in turn, insure a true open communication between us, the world around us and universal consciousness. This is the suchness and oneness of life. Thus, balance and harmony thrive. You are more than just yourself. Realize deeply that you are a part of everything you experience.

Wishing everyone a nice Day!

P.S. This is a follow-up article to “Unity of Life: Come Join the Party” that was published last year.



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