Object Space Occupation and You

This almost sounds like the title for a science fiction thriller. However, the focus of this article is to awaken your awareness to the space you occupy. Firstly, acknowledge that you are an object that occupies space. Does this sound ridiculous? You know that you are here. But, do you really know what it means to be here now? Everything tangible occupies space. At least, this is how we interpret it through sensory perception. But, there is so much more of a non-tangible something than there is tangible entities in the universe. Here are some fun facts.

– The universe comprises the following.
– 68% dark energy (unknown properties and pushes matter outward)
– 27% dark matter (unknown properties and pulls matter inward)
– 5% normal matter (you, me and all objects)


And, astonishingly, 99.9999999% of any tangle object (this means you) is non-space. Let’s call this emptiness. 95 percent of the universe is dark energy and dark matter. Let’s just simplify these terms. There is more non-manifested empty/beingness than manifested isness/beingness. So, what is the common denominator in the universe? Everything is here and now as an expression of being this moment. Still, the insight I share today is not a lesson in science. So, don’t let the mind pull you in that direction.

You Are Not Just an Object Flying Through Space

Let’s simply reflect on what it means to be you.  Conscious awareness is expanding more and more beyond object intelligence. The mind uses experiences, evolution and energy to generate a supposed reality. Correspondingly, this is how you experience life and your state of being if you buy into the mind’s story. Nevertheless, this is not a one-way street that you must follow. 

A beneficial key in understanding your influence on life and ultimately universal consciousness is energy. Every object either transfers energy, producing its own or both are simultaneous. The latter example is usually true. But, varies in intensity relating to the level of mental conditioning or conscious awareness. 

Thus, every object has the capability to manifest a given reality from flowing universal energy. So, what will manifest? The transformation of this energy depends on your focus point, which is either mind or conscious awareness. Flowing non-manifested and manifested energy is ongoing. And, either a person learns how to tap into these vibrating frequencies or not. Likewise, the release of energy can take on many forms and various intensity levels. Therefore, a consciously awakened person considers how his or her energy is influencing the ultimate field of flowing universal energy. As a result, the energy produced and released either flows with universal manifestation (isness of now) or disrupts it. This acknowledgement should be of paramount consideration in your daily interactions.

Wishing you a joyful and safe day.


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lene devereux
2 years ago

Hi Steve, thank you for sharing this inspiring article. It is truly amazing facts that we as human consist of so much space and even more fantastic that we have the ability to open up and unite with this space in both conscious and universial consciouness. Wishing you a blessed… Read more »

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