Simplify Life and Don’t Resist Living

Conscious living offers us a clear perspective regarding our daily activities and understanding of how everything unfolds. Does a feather fight against the wind or define the wind as being its fate? Both are unlikely. Thus, the feather simply experiences the natural flow of the wind. It does this without interpretation or definition. The feather is one with the now of this moment because it allows life to flow through it and the wind to move it. The stillness within nothingness manifests everything. Therefore, simplify and live within this flow.



Simplify and you will surely fly.
Let life be simple and never wonder why.
After all, life has a natural flow
Thereby it carries you along.

The highest plateau is always within reach.
This is more than gliding or carelessly flying.
Now is not the time to wait, don’t ever hesitate.

The mind will often cause you to contemplate.
It tells you to be careful and wants you to debate.
There is so much you must think and do.
Do not listen, do not ponder.
Otherwise, the mind will cause you to wander.
How do you feel? Always observe what you think.
Be afraid, don’t look beyond my thoughts.
This is what the mind whispers.
Nevertheless, simplify and discover that you can fly.
It is possible now without delay.
However, the mind will warn you to stay away.
But, heed not what it says, do not worry…

Simplify and Don’t Ask Why

But alas, the mind tells you to think and to worry.
Thus, confusion and despair cause you to fear.
Nonetheless, don’t worry.
Let the mind ramble and just don’t care.
Simplify, take off and fly!

You flutter back and forth, at first.
What will you do? The mind screams at you.
It tells you of thoughts galore.
And additionally, come more and more.
These are of things to come and of things long gone.
However, most of which don’t benefit you here and now.

Yet the mind will say, listen to me,
The mind insists that it knows what is best.
But, I strongly suggest that you don’t listen.

Are You Ready to Simplify?

Deep within your being is a butterfly ready to fly.
Thus, disregard the mind and all excuses fade away.
Live life in detachment without dependency.
Remember, simplify, go ahead, give it a try.
Discover dreams beyond the mind.
Here in this non-space miracles always abound.

This realm of nothingness nurtures the moment.
Nothingness transforms to consciousness.
Are you ready?
Then, wake up.
And, realize that you are home.
There is only here and now.

Wishing you a healthy and joyful day.


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