Trust the Universe and Trust Yourself

This is the second article relating to the process of conscious awakening. Do you trust yourself? This is to say; are you confident that what you sense is true? The personal experience that I am sharing suggests that I was not fully conscious. Furthermore, this uncertainty, although short-lived in this example, clearly restricted the naturally flow of life energy.


However, please allow me to share the experience before I continue. I went with a friend to eat lunch yesterday. He picked out the restaurant because it was his idea to eat. The meal was refreshing (salad and fish). We had several conversations varying from work related issues to human behavior and evolution. It was eventually time for us to leave. I had asked him, during the drive to the restaurant, if we could stop at a furniture store on the way home.

The sky was becoming very dark on the horizon. My friend is weather app crazy and puts trust in believing everything the app tells him. He said that it was going to start raining. I am exactly the opposite, Whereas, I simply trust what I experience. Moreover, I practice harmonizing with the instinctive feeling that guides me. We often refer to this as the little voice that we hear inside. It may appear small but this is universal intelligence letting us know that it is there.

Trust the Heart

However, there is also a factor of human evolution that wants to influence everything we experience. This is the conditioned mind. I became a victim of my own mind yesterday. This resulted as a reaction to my friend’s insistence that it would start to rain and thunder as we stood in the parking lot.

My trust and unity with universal consciousness was very evident during this experience. However, there was a moment when the mind took the upper hand. I become oblivious to the reassuring feeling inside me. The windows to my apartment were wide open. Assumptions, thoughts and fear overpowered my state of being within presence.

However, I could still sense universal intelligence manifesting acceptance and clarity. Nonetheless, the mind was interjecting too many random thoughts. It seemed very difficult to remain in the moment. I had known that it was not going to rain because this is not how I had co-created the day. This may first sound egotistical. However, this simply means that I had been flowing with life energy without mind distraction. I innately knew that it was not going to rain.

Trust without Fear

Everything was fine until my friend initiated an avalanche effect of thoughts and feelings due to his conditioned state of being. This, in turn, sought out and ignited the conditioned patterns that are still dormant within my mind. The fear of it raining in my apartment was too strong and we immediately drove home instead of going shopping.

We arrived home and the dark clouds disappeared within a short period. I stood on my terrace as the sun shined. I heard the voice of universal knowledge. It said; “Didn’t I tell you to trust me and that everything is fine”? I smiled and realized that this was a signpost on the path to conscious awakening.

“You and all that happens is a reflection of yourself. Furthermore, It is a mirror image of how you see the universe; thus how you experience being.”



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