Please Tell Me Why

Please Tell Me Why

Where do I belong? What is happening to me?
Why don’t I understand the world, or it me?
Please tell me why.
I do my best, really, I do.
I look out into the world each day.


Over and over I say…
Here I am, world; don’t you see?
I listen for an answer but often, quite often, there
is nothing.
There is only silence, precious silence to be
Please tell me why.

Habitually, I feel very confused.
I feel shattered, twirling in a storm.
There I twist and I turn, tumbling about.
Still, I don’t know why.

I have so much to give.
There is desire, passion, and love.
This is regardless of thought, feeling, or action.
The next step often seems so difficult.

Please tell me why

I stretch my hand to others.
My heart filled with hope opens wide.
In so doing I ask but one question.
Can you tell me why?

I now know the world is not what has been
This is because the mind cannot know.
Nevertheless, no one had told me.
No one has shown me; but then, how could they?
I ask again. Tell me why?

Indeed, what was the mind looking for?
It was knowledge, love, and oneness it had
But why do we search for what we have already?
Do you know why?

Specifically, I wish to live and flow as life does.
I wish only to love, to give and receive.
But how do I love in in a world of confusion?
Will someone please tell me…why?
I am reaching out to you.
Are you there?

P.S. This is a poem excerpt from my latest book Love Will Show You the Way: Choosing the Path of Least Resistance.

I wish you a happy and healthy day.


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