Crossing Wires Will Cause a Short Circuit

Confusion. Misunderstanding. Isn’t this the way you feel from time to time? It is as if you are crossing wires and a short circuit is certain. I have a personal experience that I hope will be helpful to you. What are we really talking about when we refer to universal manifestation, enlightenment, consciousness, even the mind? Everything is energy. Nikola Tesla acknowledged this universal flow. And, many other individuals throughout our evolution recognize that the underlining essence of the universe is energy.


So, it is beneficial, whether you wire a lamp or reflect on the universe, to realize that energy has frequencies. Imagine crossing two wires, of different polarity. What happens when the wires touch? There is either a mild or strong electrical shock. The intensity depends on the strength of the frequency flowing through the wire. So, please further imagine that this is exactly how the universe and objects within this universe vibrate. And, the vibration is either harmonious or static.

Now, let’s consider my personal experience in reference to universal manifestation. There is a small room adjacent to the entrance hallway in my apartment. The room is for storage and as a walk-in wardrobe for coats and shoes. The room walls are white. I have told myself over the six months that the walls need repainting. However, I didn’t consider this a priority. So, I put it on my list of things to do. You probably know how this goes. We put tasks on a list and put off until tomorrow. But, tomorrow often never comes. 😊 So, let’s first focus on the energy that is flowing in this situation. There is universal energy vibrating through everything. Additionally, localized energy emits from object forms.

Crossing wires with the Universe Causes Disharmony

Now, let’s reflect on the following outcome that resulted from the energy that I released into the universal flow. I told myself to paint the walls in the room. A thought (intention) is a frequency. This frequency intertwines with the flow of universal energy. Therefore, as mentioned above, the result is either harmonious or static. Please note that universal energy becomes more conscious of itself through the objects within itself. Thus, the universe responses to these frequencies, either of mind or consciousness.

My desire was to paint the walls. But, the mind kept me occupied for months with distracting thoughts. So, what happened? This past weekend I reached for a jacket that hangs in the room. There on the wall I saw various dark marks caused by the metal buttons on my jacket. My desire was to paint the walls. And, the marks on the wall is how the universe manifested this energy. 😊

Accordingly, and with a smile. I got the paint bucket and painted the walls within a short time. This experience may seem vague to you. However, I suggest you look within on your inner journey. There, you might discover that this experience with the wall is a helpful awakening signpost for you. Still, you might first say that how this experience manifested was just a coincidence. But, I suggest that you consider you own experiences. Then, ask yourself how you influence the flow of universal energy. Is your interaction with the universe often harmonious or static? Your answer reveals how you live life. Are your experiences mostly peaceful or frustrating?

Wishing you a happy and harmonious day. 😊

P.S. I, and others, would benefit from reading about your own experiences relating to what I have written. Please consider sharing one of your experiences with us.


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