Transference on the Path of Life

Transference suggests the movement, placement or replacement of something. We could simplify this word by calling it change. Furthermore, this flowing alteration can either be of mind or consciousness. The following insight is an inquiry into a spiritual (conscious) transference.


Spiritually speaking, a word such as transference is only a pointer to what is beyond interpretations and definitions. This dimension, beyond mind details, ripples with energy vibrations that flow and manifest in our life experience.

This is also a realm of transference. And, we often do ourselves, others and the world more harm than good because of our misunderstanding of this void. We and everything manifest energy. However, most people are oblivious to the potential within this transformation. This is because the mind also induces energy. Therefore, these thoughts and emotions distract and confuse us during the journey of life. Thus, a spiritual bond to life and consciously living are an unreachable quest for most individuals.

Transference Based on Conscious Presence

This collective mind interference strongly inhibits us from the experience of living life in this moment. Equally, unconscious behavior patterns deter people from observing the clarity available within presence.  And, we unconsciously assimilate the energy released by other people and make it our own.

This behaviorism transfers from generation to generation as a mind energy transference blueprint. Change is perhaps the only one true constant. But, how a person changes results from either unconsciously or consciously living. Heraclitus of Ephesus based his doctrines on change being the foundation for everything in the universe. His writings include the following insight.

“Much learning does not teach understanding.”

“Thinking is a sacred disease and sight is deceptive.”

Therefore, awareness and non-attachment co-create a change based on conscious energy. And, this consciously stimulated change expands the flow of active consciousness. Thus, your conscious observation of mind and body changes how you live life. This transformation naturally unfolds by simply living, instead of always thinking about living.

I wish you a joyful day.

P.S. Here are two articles from Psychology Today about unconscious interaction.
Our Irrational Emotional Life


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