Homeward Bound Is not a Journey

You innately know the essence of this moment. And, you instinctively sense the pulsation and flow of living in this moment. But, the mind distracts this state of awareness. Nevertheless, is it accurate to say that you are a conscious being living now. Thus, you are the isness of now. This acknowledgement and acceptance allow conscious awareness to flow. Let’s use an example to illustrate. What is your state of being when you take a bath or swim? You are in water. However, how often are you deeply aware that you are in the water? Presence is the stepping stone that unites you and the water. Furthermore, this is an undeniable state of being in relation to all experiences. This realization allows your homeward journey to unfold naturally.


Living from a state of isness to this moment releases you from the mind. Accordingly, your partnership with the mind will improve. Thus, you more efficiently use the mind to understand existential experiences. The mind’s domination over your life experience will lessen. Hence, you will focus on conscious awareness and the manifestation of this moment. There is no need for magic, science or religion to be presence and live in the isness of now. It is literally as easy as standing in front of a mirror and to deeply accept your beingness. This is a transcendence experience within the totality of presence. And, this is your true home.

Homeward Bound Is Also not a Quest

The mind tells you to seek peace. And, your thoughts, emotions and beliefs insist that you find harmony. But, a journey home will never be complete until you deeply accept that you are already home. This insight is not a trick of the mind. The realization of your completeness is not a mind concept. Always be within the presence of your beingness, regardless of temporary mind labels such as good or bad. Trust me, you will never find balance and bliss anywhere, other than here and now. Know deeply that you are home. Thus, you are always home. Therefore, the demands for a homeward bound journey fade away.

Make presence the focus of living life. Henceforth, the flow of universal consciousness will take you along for the ride of a lifetime. This is an exercise in living life on a one to one basis. The details of any situation can distract you from consciously living. Therefore, you will need to practice this exercise until the mind loses its hold on how you live. Accordingly, the mind will eventually accept that the homeward journey is complete. This insight might not seem helpful. But, I assure you possibilities for inner bliss abound when the mind no longer distracts you. Simply let thoughts come and go without attaching any significance to them. Thus, this moment becomes an experience of universal proportion.  

Wishing you a joyful day


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