Everything Is Unfair or Is It?

We tend to accuse everything; whether person or situation, of being unfair. Also, we expect to live life as in the descriptive illusions of a Garden of Eden. Let’s consider the following correlations. We assume things and people are unfair. Equally, we presume to lose people and things during our life. So, this must mean that life is unfair. And, sooner or later, we lose everything. But, what are we actually saying when we use such assumptions? We actually mean that people and situations are do not fulfill our expectations. So, we label things as fair or unfair.


And, the loss of something is often overwhelming to most of us. We literally label life as a series of highs and lows. We are on a self-constructed road of delusional Hell. The center point of this delusion is strangely enough, a misinterpretation of our own being.

Unfair or Fair or the same?

You are and, hopefully, you know that you are. So, you either accept your state of being. Or, you misinterpret what it means to be you. The determining factor is always you and your acceptance or non-acceptance of being you. The majority of people still live in a constant state of non-acceptance. Nevertheless, a person, situation or any detail within this moment, is ultimately never unfair.

So, how will you choose? Acceptance or non-acceptance? Attachment or non-attachment? It is very easy. It depends on you. But, this does not mean you must choose between a perceptive of fair or unfair.  Instead, I suggest you walk the path of life in a state of detachment. The experience of life and living is here and now. Life unfolds in accordance with your relationship to living. We can express this in a well known Bible scripture.

“…for whatever one sows, that will he also reap.”

So, our practice is to focus on the effortlessness within being here and now. And, when possible, consciously share this simplicity. It is always possible. Thus, conscious awareness remains as we explore the vastness of presence during the shift from mind to conscious living. 

I wish you happiness, good health and prosperity throughout the new year.


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