Wisdom of Life is Felt through Being

I hope that you are well and enjoying a wonderful day. The wisdom beyond Eckhart Tolle’s insight is profound because being (existence) is the manifestation of life. Therefore, to truly live means that we should feel it. It pulsates through everything.

Being must be felt. It can’t be thought.
– Eckhart Tolle

You cannot use conventional concepts, whether spoken or written, to express the simple act of being.  These can, at best, serve as pointers or sign posts. However, our focus should be on what is beyond these stepping stones and pathways. Furthermore, beyond the mind is the universal intelligence that offers wisdom that is an innate part of our being.

I wish to share a few plans, wishes and hopes with you. I am rebuilding my website step by step and have decided that patience and non-attachment are wise for me to use in its construction; relating to design layout, pages and material to share. Additionally, my wish is to offer an oasis that will provide articles, videos, quotes and links relating to spirituality, philosophy, psychology and personal growth.

I recently experienced a moment of natural manifestation in regards to the title of my third book. The book is more or less finished and I have been saving the money needed for editing and publication. I had several ideas for the title but they didn’t feel right. Furthermore, I had let go of the demand to find a title. I was inspired to write a new article about love the other day.

Wisdom, Universal Intelligence, Consciousness and You

The words float around me like fireflies when I write something. Then I simple accompany them as they flow unto the paper/document. There was one sentence that glowed brightly as I saw the words floating this way and that. I knew instantly that this was the title for my next book. However, I do not wish to ruin the surprise but will tell you more soon.

It is wonderful that we have the opportunity to meet and share ideas and insights; as well as sharing the ups and downs of our object existence experiences. I am grateful to everyone because each encounter has provided something beneficial in my personal growth object consciousness expansion. I am hopeful that you also benefit in some way. The wisdom of life is always flowing and manifests according to our relationship with it.

I will soon start a Facebook author page. The page will be a continuation of my profile wall. It will also share articles, quotes, videos and information about my books and writing projects. It will always be portal for sharing. I will not continue to post anything on my profile wall. However, there will be a link to the Facebook author page. I look forward to your visit. There we will continue to share, learn and expand consciously through our interactions.

Best wishes

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