Devices of the Mind and How You Live

We convince ourselves that there must be a reason for living. And, there are many devices that the mind uses in attempts to justify life and living. Thus, our mental development uses, among other attributes, the power of beliefs to facilitate its needs. The awakening of our self-consciousness started a chain of events that complicate our existence due to these mind devices. Nevertheless, self-consciousness, when observed and applied correctly, is a portal to living in a state of enlightened beingness. There is an evolutionary process, of mind, body and consciousness that is an ongoing development. Strangely, the mind insists on dominating our evolution through behavior tendency. Therefore, both the physical body and conscious presence wither in the mind’s shadows. And, these mind interventions contaminate the flow and manifestation of universal energy.


Additionally, mind clutter such as thoughts and feelings cause confusion and fear. The details of our existence add static to the flowing vibrations of the universe. This clouds conscious clarity and restricts our awareness to living in the presence of our beingness.

Do You Live According to the Devices of the Mind?

It is possible to experience aware presence without adhering to the mind’s conceptional and conditional understanding of living. Yet, the majority of people still listen to the mind as it dictates how they should live. People fear a state of conscious presence because it conflicts with thoughts, feelings and beliefs about living.  Thus, people usually accept mind details as the blueprint for living life. But, life is a stream that is always moving and changing. Don’t fear living and don’t be afraid of change.

Yes, often the things you experience confuse and cause fear. But, this is only because you live life as a victim of the mind’s dominance over conscious presence. Nevertheless, you are not your mind. Never take thoughts or feelings too seriously. These will pass, and presence remains. The difference between bliss and suffering depends on how you interact with life and the beingness of this moment. Thus, the relationship with the now of life is your priority in every situation.



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