The feedback and testimonials are from reader reviews, emails, and social media contacts. I have enlightening conversation with people from many different areas of the world.

It is heart-warming for me to read the emails and messages. The conversations and interaction are an ongoing sharing experience. Furthermore, this has opened a portal for us to enter as our object consciousness expands.

I wish to thank everyone that has written and shared with me; either through the testimonials, emails or chat conversation. I am hopeful that the ideas and insight I share are beneficial in your inner journey and personal growth.

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A must read to wake up your awareness.

5.0 out of 5 stars Amazing book

Amazon Customer, America
Amazon review

This book is everything necessary (and more) to uplift your spirit, preparing you for the journey of higher consciousness awareness. I read it right after the death of my 36 year old son, and thanks to this author, I realized we must practice mind expansion, in order to understand our purpose in this life and actually feel the universal connection of love.

5.0 out of 5 stars  Good insight from author S.W. Leasock’s perception, regarding higher consciousness

By Tom M. Rocks, America
Amazon review

“Our species has been submissively conditioned into accepting the world as it is presented through man-made misconceptions. “ This is the premise of Leasock’s second book on spirituality and new ways of approaching the world. The solution? Simplicity – or releasing the layers and layers of conditioning grafted onto the human race over the centuries. Only then can we begin to experience life as it was truly intended, and in its full glory. This is a wide-ranging book brimming with history, philosophy, and spiritual ideas from the most traditional religions to the latest theories. It will make you think and challenge “known concepts” on every page. Although there are few personal examples, this comes across as a highly personal book through the passion inherent in the writing. Although the text is clear and factual, it is impossible to miss the author’s enormous enthusiasm for his subject and his overriding desire to share these concepts with the world. Moving and thoughtful, I would recommend this book to any curious reader the world over.

5.0 out of 5 stars moving and thoughtful

Francesca, Netherlands
Amazon Goodreads review

A great read I must say… Steve’s book joins the club of many fine powerful self – help books that I have read so far in my life. It’s full of insights, many of which we often feel uncomfortable confronting head on. But there is a truthful resonance in his writing. For instance, when he says, “We have simply not been able to comprehend or accept the simplicity of life.” We cannot disagree with this idea. There’s no doubt it’s a trend, and it’s more relevant than ever. The book starts with a list of problems the humanity faces today. In today’s busy world however there is a dark wrongness that permeates our being. This intrusion certainly complicates our life. Steve mirror this thought, when he says, “The assumption is that we are powerless to understand the uneasy feeling we have inside us again and again.

We unknowingly accept that it would be impossible to change in any way concerning what we have been taught to understand about life.” Certainly for a change to begin, we must first acknowledge that there is something there to be changed. And then for that to happen, we may even change our exterior world view. The strongest aspect of Simplicity of Life is its ability to lucidly state many complications; we inadvertently put ourselves into and the possible remedies for these complications. He states “The awakening and eventual separation of our human consciousness from life started a chain of events, which have led to complications in our existence.” and then follows it with detailed solutions in five consecutive paragraphs.

There is no shortage of self-improvement tips. In fact such ideas, which invigorate our mood, are intertwined throughout the book. No one said, this book is an easy – read. At the same time, It should not be scary or anything. It’s difficult to avoid some
complications when many complex ideas are dealt with. But it’s worth the discomfort. I promise.

5.0 out of 5 stars One book which you cannot avoid from your reading list.

By Amazon Customer, India
Amazon review

This Spirituality book drew my attention by the title. I was pleasantly surprised by the blend of Spirituality with Philosophy and the way we are distracted from our oneness with everything and our consciousness. This a great read if you are willing to dive right into a deep and thought provoking book that makes you think.

5.0 out of 5 stars A good blend of Spirituality and Philosophy that make you think about your consciousness.

By Amazon Customer
Amazon review

Few months ago I was gifted the amazing book One Moment in Life written by the author Steve W. Leasock. This precious gift came into my life in a period of intense personal research, when I had many questions and almost no answers. The questions were about who I am and what is my purpose in this life, how can I remove the routine from daily life, how to let life just “be”, accept it and do nothing about it, how to give unconditional love to the people around, how to connect myself to the universal consciousness and how to expand my awareness or conscious?

After reading the book and deepening the ideas presented by the author, my answers started to come one by one. Steve dedicates himself to sharing his knowledge and ideas through his book, in which I found guidance and an immense feeling of power. Steve’s writing is offering all the instruments we need in order to grow ourselves into conscious individuals. He shows us how to tap into the universal consciousness and to continually open the portal to life, the portal between our mind illusion of our existence and the dimension of unconditional life energy. Steve W. Leasock considers that “If we can stay attuned to the universal frequency, we may make a mind-shattering discovery. Staying attuned to this one frequency will open up a new level of consciousness. This is the next step, which is vital for mankind. This step will allow us to understand the universal intelligence”.

I would like to emphasize that in my opinion the “silver thread” of the entire book is the concept of “human awakening”, as an instrument for the people that try to find their answers and to decipher more of this unbelievable existence. With Steve’s enlightenment, I personally realized I was myself on a new path of awakening to life as it is.

Mona Tiganus, Romania
Barnes and Noble review

In his book Simplicity of Life, Steve demonstrates how the anatomy of beliefs throughout evolution of our species has not been beneficial to man in his search for truth. He makes a case that human consciousness is separating from Universal Consciousness destroying the nature of its original wonderment and fascination by allowing us to be vulnerable and assuming.

How? By being manipulated by defining answers provided by science, religion {several Biblical references mentioned in the book}, government, society etc. Hence, complicating our human experience by lack of awareness and disconnect to Source, which otherwise would have allowed for Simplicity of Life.

Will reading Steve’s 2nd & newest book be a “head – scratcher”, an awareness amplifier or totally discarded by your own beliefs? Only one way to find out is to order a copy to read for yourself…keeping in mind just because one believes something doesn’t make it Truth!

Conditioning & Beliefs Complicate the Simplicity of Life!

By Sharon A. Fisher, America
Amazon review

Is it really that simple? The author tells us that life really is that simple. The book offers alternative ideas for experiencing how we live. Steve Leasock describes aspects of belief patterns and behavior that human beings have not really benefited of, so far. The book material illustrates what we have done in our attempts to explain who we are, why we experience this existence and is there a God?

Have we been fooled by the activities of the mind? If this is true, it is because we are not conscious of the difference between object existence and life? What are beliefs, thoughts and behavioral conditioning? These are some of the topics that the book considers. We are playing a game of illusions projected by the mind. Is it time to stop playing the game? That is what the author is asking us. Will we be able to find the Answer?

5.0 out of 5 stars Is it really that simple? The author tells us …

By Cristian, United Kingdom
Amazon review

In one way or another you are an amazing writer and obvious a teacher. Your writing strives to explain to the readers. And when reading, you sense immediately your deep insights of life which transforms in your words. When reading your book you sense you’re writing with the flow. That’s an amazing talent.

You make sense of our world. Constantly reflecting on your writing and in most paragraphs recognize myself, what to sense in life. What we shall understand in life. What we ignored or misinterpreted in life. What life is all about. Thank you for sharing your amazing gift. You make sense of our world. You are an amazing gift.

Lotte Linn, Belgium
Facebook Post

A compelling and provocative read!

Clearly a catharsis for the author and reader alike, Simplicity of Life, by Steve Leasock, is an extraordinary effort that poses fundamental questions about the nature of human experience. Though the author bemoans that it is in the questioning that complexity arises and diverges from an innate simplicity of Life, the author asks; “Why must there be a reason or answer for everything? What are we hoping to find?” Leasock further postulates; “Life does not wish for us to ask any questions. Life essentially only wants to give and be experienced. The secret is that we (all forms engulfed in life) are the source. The importance lies in accepting that your body (any body), including the brain’s mental images of the Universe, is not, and can never be what we are searching for during our form existence. We are a form that has been blessed with life. It is our choice what we do with the content of this human form. There is no God, and there is no deity responsible for life or the content of our human existence. We are responsible for both. Our form’s true essence is life, thus by use of our own definition of life (oneness) we are God. We do not have a genuine purpose. Our form existence is without significance. Do we persist in searching a field of illusion for answers to questions that we already know? Human beings are the actual Gods and/or God that most people insist have created us.”

In reading Simplicity of Life I am made to wonder. Is the world that we know anathema or pathway? Are worldly conventions purposely duplicitous and nefarious or merely well-meaning even though often blind? Is “what we have been taught or told” a fair and condemnable indictment of the failings of being human or simply an immature process toward eventual spiritual maturation as a species? Is the world and universe “dependent on what we think, what we wish and what we decide.”, as the author suggests? Or, are we, in human experience, merely fortunate passengers on a journey of special dispensation, affecting the world in which we live along the way? What is simplicity of life as distinct from complexity of living? Perhaps, as the author points out, complexity is only illusion, Reality is simple.

In search for answers, Simplicity of Life considers spirituality in a thoroughly thoughtful manner, and in doing so, Leasock encourages the simplicity of inner reflection on complicated questions of ultimate consequence.

A must read! Thank you Steve Leasock!

5.0 out of 5 stars Are we merely fortunate passengers on a journey of special dispensation?

Michael Rawlings, America
Amazon review

Reading Steve’s new book “Simplicity of Life”, gives a template, a call for each one of us to answer and to awaken to the fact that we are so much more than the conditioned views which is held by society on religion, science and philosophy.

So how come we became separated from simplicity of life. Steve takes us on a journey back in time. From survival orientated behavior to understanding life from the standpoints of creativity, intelligence and human consciousness. By exploring and becoming aware we constantly decide which life we wish to live. In every breath pure consciousness is available and in every moment we have the choice if we want to choose engaging in human contents or let go and awake into the here and now.

5.0 out of 5 stars A journey into discovering simplicity of life

Lene Devereux, Copenhagen
Amazon review

I would love to read your second book Steve Leasock. Congratulations! Your first book, One Moment in Life was amazing. Good insight and inspirational. Enjoyable to read! Thank you and keep writing. Namaste.

Sandra Sandi Rocks
Facebook Post

Thank you very, very much for your precious book which you named beautifully “Simplicity of life”. Oh, Steve you are a real little Buddha. In fact, we are all little Buddha although we are still dragging among our conditioned mind. But, you can reveal everything is HERE and NOW…nowhere to us to go no time to wait, too. You lit the world by experiencing from your daily life and also all words come from your heart not from mind.

The book is worth to give named as Simplicity from our complicated. Then I felt I witness the beautiful purple lotus blooming out of the muddy soil . . . . . Thanks a lot

Kalu, India
Facebook Chat message

So much truth…..the song sound of silence by Disturbed…. the music video keeps playing in my head while reading your book. The simplicity of life itself in essence is much less complicated than real life.

I loved the book so far and the message and facts keeps me glued to the book.
I just relate so much (my views or understanding of your book) may differ from others. But yes overall 10 out of 10 read even for a amateur like me.
What an amazing book….

Heidi Olivier What an amazing book….
Facebook Chat message

I am inspired and grateful to be touched by Steve’s Book “Life’s Simplicity”. Which he shares awareness about the individual and collective consciousness transformation. Conditioned by society, culture, religion, family, friends. These factors appear to shape our perception or reality. Which presents that complexity results from these mental constructs. This book can remind us to be aware of our own mental states and question the nature of our own perception or reality.

Me and my family and friends have had meaningful discussions about “Life’s Simplicity” I recommend this book and the author Steve Leasock. Great book, very inspirational. Thank you.

Beau Mackey, New Zealand
Facebook Post

Very good book, by reading book we know living life in simple and our thought should high. If we simple we can enjoy every moment of our life by our positive thought.

By Pramodbhai J Patel, India
Facebook post

This is a very well-written, thoughtful, and mind-churning piece of work, and it was interesting to read Steve’s perspectives and opinions about humanity and religion and God. I am sure that, like me, other readers will also resonate with many of his words and ideas. I love that the book provides a more controversial perspective – and answer – to the question, “Why are we here?” than several of the New Age titles that have been published in recent years.

I feel that those who take the time to reflect and ponder on Steve’s book will come to the conclusion that there could indeed be something in his thoughts. I believe this is a great book for those who are interested in books by authors such as Eckhart Tolle, who tend to explain their concepts and ideas in a great depth to get their points across. Once you read this book you will see life in an entirely different way and you will begin to reconnect with the beauty and joy that is all around us in every moment, if we open our awareness to it.

See Life in a Whole New Way

By Keidi Keating, America
Amazon review

Clearly a great deal of effort has gone into this thought provoking book. Barely a paragraph goes by without you mind reflecting on what Steve Leasock is proposing and you will be considering the implications long after the book is finished.

I loved this book – and if you are the kind of person looking to expand ones awareness of the philosophical reasons for the human experience you could do a lot worse than adding this to your library.

5.0 out of 5 stars Superb

By Mark Jenkins, Australia
Amazon review

What a lovely and intriguing literary marvel this book is! Steve embodies the book title by disseminating some complex concepts about the mind into simple and relevant material we can all relate to. The BEST investment we can ever make in life is to understand our mind and simplify our lives – and appreciate all our blessings! Your library is incomplete without this book and it was a joy to read!

5.0 out of 5 stars The BEST investment we can ever make in life is to …

By Jennie L., America
Amazon review

“We have forgotten how to just be.” Mr. Leasock has written a spiritual book that is philosophical. His books are dedicated to spirituality, human existence and life awareness. Some of the chapters in his book ask questions that many readers have about life such as “Who Am I?”, “Why am I Here?” and “Heaven or Hell…you decide!” I agree with the Author that many of us do seem to be very lost and confused. Human beings have always asked questions.

Are we lost and confused because we believe that we need a life purpose? What you project into your life is primarily what you will be given back. What would happen if we stopped searching?

These are all useful questions and concepts to consider. However, if you are a reader who is not well-versed in philosophy, and I am not, then this book may be hard to unlock. It would have helped me if the Author had provided more practical examples and guides. However, if you are more experienced in this form of thought, than this book may be interesting and useful for you to read. As the author states, “There is no teacher or student in life. We are all just walking each other home.

5.0 out of 5 stars Walking Each Other Home

By HappyReader, America
Amazon review

An insightful book that touches on all aspects of our existence in this Universe. Steve’s knowledge is impressive, but even more so is his ability to help others connect the dots between matter, mind and consciousness. As I read this book I was reminded of the “Mind the Gap”.

I felt honored to understand better what was happening in our minds, while the mind was tuning into the silence that supports our every move. Perhaps most importantly, I was able to see a meaningful life living by the heart. This is a wonderful book!

Nikki Cordonnier, Belgium
Facebook Post

We are so distracted often, carrying away by our own paralyzing fears by our own daydreaming, by our own projections into life that more often than not, we miss the bus of existence while time unstoppable flies away right in front of our very eyes. According evolution it is proven that if we stopped wasting our energies in unnecessary and useless activities we would get closer of our own individual potentials to its highest levels and if this happen even we would be surprised by our own powers and capacities to not only play a role in creating a more human, loving and inspiring existence on this planet. Thank you, Steve for sharing your insights. Wish you all the best wishes.

4.0 out of 5 stars Very well written.

Amazon Customer
Amazon Review

This book starts off slow but gets more interesting as it goes along. The author presents many unique ideas that are often not considered.

5.0 out of 5 stars This book starts off slow but gets more interesting as …

by Theresa McGallicher, America
Amazon review

Instantly your words took me to myself and there was a place where there were no words left … Just the beauty of remembering the soul…Thank you Steve

Mimi Novic , United Kingdom
Facebook message

I usually don’t leave reviews for books that I read but this book was totally different from any other book I’ve ever read. This book is deep real deep and will keep your interest throughout the entire book.

This book will also open your mind and have you thinking about things in ways you may not have thought before. I do highly recommend this book for reading. I truly enjoyed reading this book page by page, front cover to the back cover and i’m sure you will too.

5.0 out of 5 stars  A TRUE WOW FACTOR

By Amazon Customer, America
Amazon review

This is an incredibly interesting book written by an author who has an equally interesting concept of human awareness. I must say, I was compelled by the arguments he made.

The volume’s main claim is that the development of the human species as a whole has been stunted by complications which we ourselves introduced. I must say, there is a great deal of truth in this. We each have something we believe in. But the author’s question is: Is this belief really helping us? Is it really beneficial to our personal wellness and growth? How can it be the be-all and end-all, when we’re still filled with a hole of sadness?

In the author’s own words, life is an incredibly simple thing. We’ve convoluted it with our own needless details. I see his point – and I enjoyed his book.

5.0 out of 5 stars A compelling look at human consciousness.

By C.M. Blackwood, America
Amazon review

‘The human mind has manipulated our species existence. We no longer know how to do the one thing that should be the most natural and simplest. We have forgotten how to just be.’ Steve Leasock

In ‘Simplicity of Life’ Steve asks why does being human complicate our existence?
He asks the questions I have always asked myself. Complexity has been injected into our very existence, this has developed from misemployed use of our own skills, talents, intelligence, and human being’s higher level of consciousness, which exceeds any other known mortals. A negative aspect to our species evolution is that we are beset by emotions, conditioning and our ego, which engineers, limits and makes us unrighteous in many areas of our existence. This amalgamation of human characteristics structures the basis of this entanglement.

According to Steve: ‘The irony is that most of these self-imposed confusions, fears and complexities are not needed in our daily human activities. This demand to dominate life has imposed an illusion of separation from it.’

Steve Leasock gives the reader the possibility to understand the way to self-awareness and personal growth. He shows us a different purpose to life, one that leaves behind the confines of our conditional way of thinking about religion, philosophy, science and government in our restricted society.

Steve begins of-course at the beginning, he demonstrates how through the evolution of our species our belief systems have never been helpful in our search for meaning and truth. Steve believes we have been manipulated by the rules of religion, philosophy, science and government. Therefore, complicating our very existence that could be lived more simply.

‘Simplicity of Life’ is a well written book from a brilliant mind. If you want answers to how we got to be so complicated read this book. It is a must read.


By Elizabeth O’Neill, United Kingdom
Amazon review



Your ideas are brilliant and so is your mind, it is so refreshing talking to someone with deep understanding. Email from Elizabeth O’Neil




Steve has created something great and managed to write an captivating explanation of Simplicity of Life. Explaining complicated ideas is not always easy, but Steve gives some great insights and tips on how simplicity works. Read it if you have the desire to become more conscious of life.

Monika, America
Amazon Goodreads review

“You are a manifestation of life and your essence has been here since before there was anything materialistic to experience. Therefore, do not cling to the mind or the details of our object existence in an attempt to experience the divine nature of being one with everything.”