Articles too Lengthy, too Short or Just Right

I wish to thank everyone for the messages and emails that I receive. I smile from time to time because occasionally someone asks why my articles are so lengthy. But, I don’t smile because I am making fun of this person. The smile results from the sensation of object consciousness as it expands and flows through him or her and me.


It is a process that we each experience. Furthermore, it is unavoidable during the transition from mind to conscious awareness. Whether you consider my articles to be short, lengthy or just right mostly depends on the answer to the following question. Do you read the articles from the mind or consciousness?

Words and Articles Are Doorways

You are awakening to consciousness. This new perspective and clarity can be confusing. Additionally, you will begin to feel space and freedom in all you do. Yet, it can be scary and the mind is defiant. Imagine, if you will, a tug rope game. This battle of control first appears to be between the mind and consciousness. However, the mind is on both ends of the rope. While enlightenment (conscious living) is on the sidelines neutrally watching the conflicting mind. This mind-conflict is misleading in the beginning of this awakening process. It will seem that the mind and consciousness are in a power-struggle.

But, this is only a conditioned mindset interpretation. What does this suggest in reference to what I share with you? You will either think that the articles are too length. Or, you will not. This is to say that when you are ready to become more attuned to consciousness it will unfold. Or, it will not. Either way, everything is as it should be now.

Practice experiencing everything in a state of non-expectancy, non-attachment. The beauty of living will sudden become clear.  

I wish everyone a joyful day and I hope that you are well.


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