Oneness Flows Just Let Consciousness Show

There is a flow of conscious life energy vibrating through everything. Every life-form contributes to this energy flow, knowingly or unknowingly. This energy is a flowing stream of oneness. There is a life-being that diverts enormous amounts of localized energy into explaining and defining why it lives and loves. (Do you know which life-form I am writing about? I can give you a hint. Look in the mirror.) We want to know why we live and why we love. This behavior is similar to a dog chasing its own tail because the conditioned mind demands it but consciously knows that it will never catch it.


Never underestimate how amazing you can be in each moment. You, through human consciousness, stand on the threshold to pure universal consciousness in each moment. Furthermore, you can release the confines of the mind, allowing object consciousness and life consciousness to reunite in a state of pure awareness. You are manifesting content into the vacuum of space, thereby creating everything from nothingness. How do we awaken and become consciously aware of this dimension?

You Cannot Find Oneness Because You are It

We are constantly searching for a path back to the oneness within the dimension of life. However, this is mostly done through mind-made questions and interpretations. What would happen if we just stopped searching and demanding to find what we have already? Then we could clearly hear the inner voice, some call it a gut feeling, which is innately there in any given moment. This is universal intelligence. It is life becoming conscious of itself.

This could then be our focus. When we know that we have located the universal harmony frequency, we may try to adjust our field of focus even more. If our level of awareness is high enough, we may see the significance of this one frequency. We may begin to fathom the essence of it. We may see the truth and become the truth. You may do this by seeing all the things around you as being part of you. These other things are not really other things; these things are also you. This may sound confusing and even counterproductive, but by doing this, we can bring all things to this one level. We induce togetherness. We inspire oneness.

P.S. This is a text excerpt from my latest book Love Will Show You the Way: Choosing the Path of Least Resistance. The book is available worldwide on Amazon as well as other book retailers.


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