Quality Experience Depends on You

An ultimate quality within any given experience is not really prevalent. The mind often deters us from consciously experiencing something. Therefore, we repeat the same behavioral patterns over and over. Most people stay on a conditioned one way street throughout the unfolding of any given day. Furthermore, human traits influence how we interact with any situation.


Emotional traits such as anxiety or fear, for example, are destructive to our state of presence. A person cannot experience life quality when overshadowed by mind baggage. This distorts the unfolding of a given moment with illusion imprints. It does this very efficiently when a person is not living in the moment. We should also remember that quality is only a word. This word, as any word, and its meaning will vary from person to person. However, don’t take word meanings or interpretations too seriously. When we speak of quality it would be more appropriate to express this at the level of absoluteness. Therefore, using a mind-made quality label seems ambiguous.

The Quality within Now

Presence allows you to experience the moment itself and not the details within it. This could also be express as being the now. This is a constant experience. However, it is the mind that wants to define it. A moment that was, moment that is or moment that will come can only be one. There is never any moment other than now. Eckhart Tolle teaches the significance of this realization. Moreover, the now should never be label in terms of quality; at least not ultimately speaking. It is not good, bad, right or wrong. It is simply the totality. However, how we observe this moment constitutes whether we will experience the essence of life or just a mind game.

True self realization and the quality of living consciously are here within this moment. This acknowledgement bridges the gap between object consciousness and universal life consciousness.  

Wishing you a great day!



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