Puzzle Pieces to Conscious Awakening

This article is lesson 3 in our contemplation of the conscious awakening process. You have become aware of the difference between mind and consciousness. Otherwise, you would not be reading this article and thus questioning the mind-made details of your existence. The puzzle pieces are falling into place. You are now aware of this mind-made puzzle. Nevertheless, the mind can still obscure our conscious observation. However, this is changing with each experience that expands your object consciousness.


Life and love are an ongoing sharing experience. Furthermore, the expansion of object consciousness is allowing us to experience more and more unmanifested space. This is a profound realization for us to reconnect with our essence. Moreover, we are observing our existence in a state of awareness. Therefore, we are recognizing how and why something manifests. You feel the puzzle pieces falling into place naturally. Additionally, we become conscious to our influence on everything. It is very empowering to become aware of how the pieces of this process fall into place.

I will continue to share conscious awakening experiences on an ongoing basis. Some may seem insignificant or even silly to you. However, these are also unfolding for you every day and in every moment. The form is usually different. Nevertheless, the potential is there to become more consciously aware. This will allow a type of blissfulness in your activities. Nothing will be as serious as it was before.

Observe the Pieces Falling into Place

The following example relates to food packaging. I had unpacked food and used the packaging to put other packaging material into it. The packaging had a lid that I shut after throwing something into it. I threw a small bread bag clip away. There was a second when I became frustrated because I thought it would fall on the floor. I sensed an energy transfer. It was the active participation of object consciousness with universal consciousness. I could consciously see the bag clip fall from my hand onto the floor. However, this was not what had happened. I had actually thrown it into the other packaging and closed the lid.

I prepared my meal. Later, I wanted to throw something away. I opened the lid of the thrown away food wrapping. The small bag clip literally jumped out of the container and fell onto the floor. I stood mesmerized as I realized that this is exactly how I had consciously observed it happen. The mind may tell you to forget what I am sharing because I have gone off the deep end. However, I suggest that you please reflect on this seemingly everyday experience from an active state of presence. You are consciously co-creating more in this universe than the mind can possibly think.

Best wishes

P.S. The next conscious awakening lesson example reflects the benefits of letting go and allowing everything to naturally unfold. It is always amazing to observe how everything manifests. I will soon be posting the article.





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