I Am so Lonely

How many times have you or someone you know said this sentence? I am so lonely or I don’t want to be alone. There is a world of people who are together, but unfortunately separated and alone. What is loneliness? Is it possible to be lonely or is it only a state of mind? The mind is constantly confronting us with conditioned factors that can restrict us from living consciously.


Furthermore, it is a baffling topic to discuss. There are many forlorn people who have become deeply depressed, even suicidal. How can thoughts push us to the brink of despair? Is loneliness real or a phantom of the mind? Does this result due to a lack of awareness? Or would this make the discussion too easy? Loneliness can develop into mental disorders. However, it can solely result from misconceptions of the mind.

There may also be cases of mental disorders that have caused loneliness in some individuals; I have not really researched this area. The fact is that being lonely can have a detrimental effect on our psychological and physical heath. It can be very beneficial for your well-being to know that if you think you are lonely, then you will be lonely.

Lonely State of Unawareness

The question to ask is whether or not pure consciousness can suffer loneliness? Is it possible to tarnish, manipulate or restrict universal consciousness? This can only seem to happen if the mind convinces you that it is possible. It also falsely assumes that consciousness is something that we will indeed someday understand. However, this is a topic for another discussion. Let’s go back to today’s topic. Loneliness is perhaps similar to other mind conditioned activities.

There is actually no loneliness. However, the mind; thoughts, creativity, emotions, ego and conditioning convince us that loneliness is real. Furthermore, this causes a vicious energy transfer between thoughts and emotions. A conditioned mind, reinforced by emotions, claims to feel lonely. This pattern will continue as long as a person remains unaware of the mind’s activities. The mind will insist that it is true. However, you innately know that there is a bond between all things. Loneliness is not possible in a dimension of oneness.

A possible path out of the mind’s snare of projected loneliness is through awareness. Awareness to our existence in the moment leads to a conscious reawakening. This will nurture an ongoing process that allows you to shift from mind to consciousness. This relearning would reopen the portal to life / universal consciousness. Living in presence is the key to this open door. After all, you are only ever truly alive in presence.

This realization would allow us to live within the dimension of space consciousness. Object consciousness would then reunite with universal consciousness. Thus, we could accept the relationship between life energy consciousness and our existence. Furthermore, Being should never imply being lonely. Awareness of being alone is significant in understanding that we are never actually truly alone. Life is the partner that flows through everything.

Best wishes


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