Duality Is a Game: Wake up and Live

The mind tends to induce duality in our existence. That’s okay. This is what it means to be human. Still, we are ultimately the source of life. The point of origin. Let’s call the essence of this energy home. The birth of each person signifies a false journey that supposedly will return us home. Let me rewords this idea. Our birth signifies a voyage that will unfold as an opposition to our true self. Still, it is necessary. But, it is an illusion. That is why there is often such confusion. The idea of a specific path or purpose in life overshadows our existence.


Energy manifests through an object and it becomes conscious. This, in turn, is an opportunity for conscious energy to experience itself. This is most likely possible after a life-form as reached a given level of self-consciousness. We were born for this one grand accomplishment. Our evolution has given us the opportunity to achieve deeper consciousness. Still, there is no guarantee.

It is possible, through more awareness and deeper consciousness, to end the illusion of duality. But, don’t expect it to disappear. But, accept it as a temporary superficiality of living. We have always resided in the place we have been searching. This is home. We existence on a fine edge. This fine-line consists of wanting to experience the fullness of life and actually partaking in it. It is possible to expand object consciousness through acceptance of being. This would intensify the interaction and assimilation of the two supposed levels of consciousness. The mind has designated these as object and universal consciousness. Thus, it says that there is two. But, there is only one.

The Mind Game Called Duality

A reunification is unfolding within many people. We are choosing to accept what we innately feel. Living, thus being, is enough. Deep within, for lack of a better description, we already know that we are home. Allow the mind to scream and rant its thoughts. But, rely on that which you know is beyond any mind concepts.

The shift to consciousness is happening to more and more people. This level of awareness will continue to free us from mind barriers. Don’t reject or ignore the mind. Simple let it be and move on. Thus, the search for belong somewhere will cease. This is because you can then acknowledge that you are already there. There will be no need to wait for enlightenment. Our perspective on life could then shift and blossom a deeper, unified consciousness. This dimension is, and has always been, shared by everything.

We would then rejoice in the knowledge of what lies before us. Instead of succumbing to the mind and its arsenal of conditioned reactions. Mind details such as fear, confusing, and misinterpretations would slowly vanish. These are mind behavior factors and nothing more.

We have lived on the borders of life. This has enforced the illusion of duality and separation. This has resulted in us generally overlooking the true wisdom and miracles that can naturally manifest through unified consciousness. Awareness of life will reveal our true relationship with the universal. We are not on the outside looking in.  Instead, we are co-creators in universal life consciousness.

We are approaching a period of conscious evolution rather than continuing down a path of delusional induced duality. People the world over are awakening to a different understanding of humanity and life. This will allow us to accept our humanity. Therefore, this acceptance will end suffering while nurturing conscious expansion.


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