Patterns of Behavior and the Act of Being

Active awareness provides us with opportunities to consciously awaken. This transition is occurring in more and more people. And, letting go of strict patterns of behavior nurtures the manifestation of conscious energy. In other words, the universe is awakening to the potentials within itself through your conscious beingness. Likewise, living in conscious presence offers you harmony and fulfillment. You will see yourself, others and the world as new and brilliantly alive with opportunities. Thus, the benefit of an aware state of being becomes more and more prevalent during any given experience. Therefore, awaken to your influence on the energy within this space of is-ness, of beingness. 


Nevertheless, a conditioned mind thrives on repetition.  The mind’s behavior easily imprisons a person that lives in an unaware state of being. And, these mind patterns falsely impose duality into our experience of life. Please, just pause for a moment and consider the absurdity of the mind and its misinterpretations of living. Being is universal. Life, is a flowing energy vibration within the act of being.

Therefore, awaken to the literal power of creation that is available within your beingness. We often use home to express the essence of this universal energy. However, the birth of each person signifies a false journey that supposedly will return us home. Instead, let’s express our existence as the acknowledgement of being without significance on a beginning or end. Still, the mind’s illusions of a specific path or purpose in life overshadow how we live. This manipulates and restricts the unification between our being, the flow of life and conscious expansion.

Consciously Live Unentangled from Behavior Patterns

Let’s reconsider what I wrote above relating to the universe becoming aware of itself through you. I suggest that we were born for this one grand accomplishment as a universal being. A conscious evolution provides gateways to a depth of conscious being that frees us from mind entanglements.

Our evolution and mind development dictate patterns of existence that cause the degeneration of conscious being.  Thus, we generally overlooking the true wisdom and miracles that can naturally manifest through awareness and conscious beingness. And, the mind insists that our earthly endeavors are the true substance of life. Oh, the mind is a fool and those that listen strictly to the mind play a fool’s game. Therefore, stop, awaken and consciously observe how you live. You are not on the outside of life, looking in. Instead, you are a co-creator in the expansion of energy manifesting through your beingness.


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