Doubt Nothing and Be Everything

How often does doubt influence your experience of life? But, isn’t living enough? Granted, this is a philosophical question. But, uneasiness caused by mind details contaminate the simple act of being. Doubt is (a feeling of uncertainty or lack of conviction and to fear and be afraid) as defined by the internet dictionary.  The mind tells us that living is very difficult and complex. Whereas, it is as easy as being and living. More importantly, it is helpful to acknowledge and accept life. Let’s say it this way. Either you are or you are not. Hence, this simplifies everything. You are and you know it through the awakening of object consciousness.



Nonetheless, a few mind-generated details do have a relative purpose. Still, the majority of thoughts, even emotions, are insignificant. We don’t need them to experience life; ultimately speaking. But, they are there and that is okay. Living in an awakened state does not mean to ignore or resist our thoughts. Instead, we can and should accept these mind activities. But, not over-dramatize and not become attached to them. This practice would be consciously beneficial to living in harmony with life.

Experience Life Without a Doubt

Doubt generates a specific frequency. Moreover, the flow of useless thoughts and feelings energize this pulsation. These pulsate through your body and constantly distract you. Have you ever experienced an electrical shock? Well, this is comparable to the energy created when you doubt something. Likewise, each random thought and emotion will cause the voltage passing through your body to intensive. Remember what it feels like to get an electrical shock? Fear will do the same thing to you. This is what happens when you hesitate to just be and to accept living; regardless of the form it takes. Doubt is only a skip and a hop from anxiety. And no one truly wishes to experience life in the midst of fear.  

Wishing everyone a nice day


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