Leaf in the Wind: Gliding with Life

Have you ever watched a leaf gliding through the air? The changing of the seasons, especially autumn is experienced in many parts of the world. Leaves, for example, will fall from the trees during the transition from autumn to winter. Furthermore, there will be leaves to rake and this is when many people are especially vulnerable to specific mind games. A few of which are why must summer be over? or why do the neighbors tree leaves fly onto my lawn? etc. The conditioned mind is especially active.


Nevertheless, we have a deep innate bond with nature. However, this relationship is put to the test, especially during this time of year. This is because one leaf after the other is flying through the air. Therefore, as a result, people start to complain. It is as if nature is suddenly our worst enemy. The mind does not what to accept the change in season. It generally has problems with any change that occurs.

Nature marvelously reveals the manifestation of life. This is regardless of how we have categorized it with labels such as spring, summer, autumn and winter. Furthermore, the mind attempts to masquerade the flow of life with thoughts, words and definitions that are mostly an illusion.

A Leaf in the Wind

There are those that can feel the wind.
This is, at least, what people will say.
However, how do we really know?
Look there, a leaf falling from a tree.
It sails gradually during this short flight.
The ground comes closer.
Is this it? A leaf on the ground.

The end often appears so close.
Then it flies skyward; up, up, and away.
It is the wind that has appeared, hooray!

Life is something magical.
Furthermore, it can be a true delight.
It is beyond the sun, the rain, and the wind.
Moreover, it is felt deep within and all around.
Do you feel it?
It is there that you glide in the realm of life.
A leaf is tossed to and fro.
This we know.
However, what about us?
There within the wind of life?
The mind conjures abstracts, many and more.
It will tell you a story and again twice more.
The winds of time, the mind will say.
The days fly by due to the mind.
It needs its stories, time, and such illusions.

Nevertheless, you are united with life.
You are not of the mind; please never doubt.
Feel the leaf as it flies aloft; this is you.
Consider the wind; for this is also you.
You are the eternity; know this to be true.
Dance in the wind as a leaf in the air.
Glide back and forth, to and fro.
Do this and much more without any fear.
Twirl to the song of life that you compose.

P.S. This is one of the many poems in my latest book Love Will Show You the Way: Choosing the Path of Least Resistance. It was published in June 2020 and is available on Amazon worldwide and at most book retailers.

You and all that happens reflects yourself. It is a mirror image of how you see the universe and how you experience being. The oneness of life is not just a word; it is the totality of being.


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3 years ago

To Eternity. I appreciate the post Steve!

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