Free Floating Beyond the Mind Using Your S.O.S.

How can we be fully conscious and still have a partnership with our mind? We can illustrate the simplicity of free choice through the following insight. Let’s use the abbreviation S.O.S. as a point of presence. And no, s.o.s. does not mean Save Our Ship in this discussion. Rather, these letters are stepping stones to presence as we move beyond the mind. Therefore, in any situation, we should observe the relationship between our self and the experience. S.O.S. is your life preserver to aid in floating above turbulent mind-created waves of thoughts and feelings. This exercise is useful as we learn to calmly float through life without assistance.


It is a complicated world. My life is so complex. Do these comments sound familiar? We desire enlightenment but claim it is impossible to reach. We think and believe that we are literally, what we think and believe. Conditioned living causes these repetitious patterns. We are not in touch with our true essence. This is nothing more than a human evolution inflection. Furthermore, everyone and especially sensitive people are more susceptible to these behavior side effects. But, it is just a mind-game. Moreover, we can be free of this mental reaction pattern.  Actually, it is very simply.

Free to Simply Be 

The shift from a mental to spiritual existence is a process. Thus, please do not expect or demand during this transformation. Let it be and you will naturally begin to clearly see. This is the light of enlightenment. Use the following Mantra as a focus point during your experiences. 

“I will observe any situation from an S.O.S. perspective. Thus, maximizing conscious clarity as I move beyond the mind.”

This viewpoint is helpful in changing how you see yourself and the world around you. Here is a description of using your S.O.S. during the process of conscious awakening.

  • The first acknowledgment is to spiritually interact with everything.
    S = Spiritually
  • Experience everything without any mind dependency. This means free of personal/collective thoughts, feelings, and opinions.
    O = Objectively
  • Additionally, wise, responsible, and well-balanced interaction is beneficial. This means living enlightened without external influences.
    S = Sanely

P.S. Everyone is familiar with S.O.S. being a call for rescue (salvation) when a ship is sinking. Use this reference during your transition from living mentally to living consciously.


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