Raining Cats and Other Illusions

You may be familiar with the adage It’s raining cats and dogs. This describes an intense rain storm. Likewise, we can use this to illustrate the heavy shower of our thoughts. This mind-made downpour can saturate and literally drown object consciousness.


How do we deal with this turbulent storm of raining thoughts? We usually sit in a rescue boat constructed of similar thoughts. However, the mind tells us that you will escape the rain by clinging to a particular thought. Nevertheless, these toss us back and forth like waves on the water. So, what do we do? The raining storm continues. A shower of thoughts is soaking us. We sought shelter in a boat made of them. Oh no! It looks like we are going down with the ship.

Raining Thoughts Come and Go

However, we somehow stay afloat because there is occasionally a ray of shining consciousness. Therefore, we row toward it as thoughts fling us to and fro. Our inner desire is to experience love and life without fearing the storm that is raining down. Most people experience living and loving from within the limitation of a mind-made rescue boat. We innately know that there is ultimately no reason to fear the water. Nonetheless, the storm seems very real and threatening.

Thoughts are like rain. Each thought and each drop will come and go.

The raining of thoughts and the swaying boat can be very distracting. The rays of consciousness, although bright, seem so far away. Let’s put this into perspective. Are you afraid of water? Most people will say no. Thoughts are just like water raining down on you. Each drop and each thought will come and go. This is only temporary. Furthermore, a state of presence will confirm that thoughts, emotions, trees, bees, you and I are impermanent. Whereas, there within the temporal state is a dimension of permanence that casts continuous conscious sunshine where there was once only rain. 

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