Knowing Love Deeply Is to Be Alive Completely

Knowing doesn’t always originate from theory or fact-finding. There is a knowledge resonating within us, through us, and around us. It is here to experience. There is a true knowing within life and of love. Universal intelligence derives from life and nurtured by conscious energy input. We need not search, expect, or even demand it. Life and love are fundamentally energy. Therefore, there is always life. And, there is always love. The key is to look beyond the mind and simply know, accept, and allow everything to be.



There is something I have inside.
You have it to, it would seem.
It is there both day and night.
Thus, joy fills each day.
The nights are peaceful; dreams abound.
What I have…what you have…is for us to feel.
It is a treasure.
It is love.
You cannot buy love.
It is not something that you simply find.
Rather it is love that has found you.
Love, you may say, is often so far away.
When it is there, why does it not stay?
Feeling love is thrilling.

But, nurturing it to blossom often seems a task.
Therefore, love often falls into darkness.
We bury it deep inside because of the world around us.
So, love is frequently and purposely hidden.
Disappointments are to blame.
This can lead to fear, sometimes to rage.
Life without love will surely rot away.
Fear holds us back; thus, love can fade away…it may die.
Life and love are to share.
The love that is there is to give.
To love without fear is to become love.
Love will allow love to blossom.
There are a few other things.
These are also so true.

Understanding, commitment, and patience are but a few.
You believe in love.
Still, believing will not do, knowing is truer.
Knowing allows sharing.
Sharing allows caring.
Caring promotes love.
Believe what you choose.
But, know that you are love and loved.

❤ Wishing you a wonderful day

P.S. This is an excerpt from my latest book Love Will Show You the Way: Choosing the Path of Least Resistance.

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