Is Your Experience of Life Dull or Bright?

Thoughts and emotions place filters over aware presence making life seem so dull. Thus, this mind domination obscures conscious awareness. A person looks at the sky, a tree or a bird.  But, usually, what a person sees is a mind filter interpretation. Thus, a reaction or behavior within a person causes this type of stimulus to deceive and confuse. Therefore, this type of mind behavior prevents a person from realizing the true essence and actuality of any given experience. 


On the other hand, realizing your true potential as a conscious being is a useful stepping stone to enlightenment. Words, such as enlightenment and insignificant details mesmerize the mind. Hence, the mind attaches itself and your sense of being to everything you experience. But, please don’t let the mind dominate your sense of presence with insignificant details. Otherwise, these details overshadow the act of aware beingness.  This insight and our topic discussions, to illustrate, refer to conscious illumination and mind dependency liberation. You are the manifestation of one-self (presence) as an isness that has the potential to be universal through non-attachment. And, more obvious, you are the non-self (Buddhism: Anattā) of being, equally, through non-attachment.

 The Mind Tells Us That Life Is Dull

Wikipedia offers this simple and reasonably accurate statement in regards to spiritual enlightenment. Full comprehension of a situation. Aware presence changes everything from dull to bright through the conscious observation of living life. Let’s refer to this aware beingness as an awakening or Bodhi as described in Buddhism. This awakening reveals the genuine depth and essence of our existence. Thus, we realize that everything is more than the mind conditions us to think and believe.

It is the mind’s static interference that causes a consciously unaware person to misinterpret life and the act of being. And, the dull repetition of thoughts and feelings distract us from consciously living. Accordingly, this behavior is the minds attempt to display our existence as dull. Therefore, awaken to the potential within conscious presence. Universal energy freely flows. Furthermore, you influence the manifestation of energy flowing through and around you. So, awaken and observe how your conscious awareness expands from within you and outward into everything. Thus, you know the essence of your own being in everything. And, knowing this allows the brightness of conscious enlightenment to shine.


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