A Woman in Springtime

Many areas of the world are experiencing the magnificent blossoming of Spring as Mother Nature blesses the world with a reawakening. Mother Nature is a woman that gives without question. Thus, we should honor the gift she gives. But, too often we forget. I hope that you enjoy my poem as a dedication to nature.


Springtime reveals the beauty of life.
It signifies rebirth, growth, and delight.
Springtime expresses itself with cascades of
Light, color, and sound vibrate within the
flowing impulses.

Springtime nurtures the mother of life.
Mother Nature is this woman. She is a lady.
She is sometimes filled with mischief…
There will be rain, snow, and storm.
Occasionally she is also the temptress.
Sunshine, blue sky, and a warm breeze…
She does her best to excite you.
She may at times appear to hurt you, but she
loves you.

Mother Nature may seem unfair.
Does she do what she does to spite you?
Not really…she actually does truly care.
This woman is fragile.
Thus, care and honor her.
She desires your love.

To give is to get and…this woman has so much to give.

This wonderful lady holds us in her arms.
She will give. She will care…until there is no
more there.

What will we do when she is gone?
What will become of the love that was once so
What has happened? Have we forgotten?

Love is a frequency of life that living objects, such as you, have added to the flow of universal energy. This is similar to a seed that lies under the frozen snow until it can blossom in the spring. The awakening of consciousness will provide it with fertile soil to grow and flourish.

Wishing you a joyful and safe day.

P.S. This is one of many poems in my latest book Love Will Show You the Way: Choosing the Path of Least Resistance. Available on Amazon and other book retailers.


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