Origin of Consciousness

Consciousness has been a topic of fascination and frustration throughout our evolution. This has especially been true over the last few thousand years. Scientist and doctors tell us much about how the brain functions. Many speculate on how consciousness works; still others explain theories concerning the processes involved in consciousness. Additionally, the use of religions, science and fantasy attempt to define it. However, it and its origin are still a mystery.


We often relate religion and the supernatural with consciousness. The mind cannot truly comprehend it. Therefore, its origin must come from a higher source. Scientist approach most discussion of consciousness from the perspective of brain activate processes. Spirituality doesn’t really offer prove or non-prove of it. This is the practice of acceptance and non-attachment. Furthermore, this suggests that life and therefore our existence simply is.

Energy manifests through objects. Its origin is universal life energy. We have become aware of this vibrating frequency. This induces a continual process of input/output. Therefore, what came first? Did consciousness or life or both simultaneously?

What Is Your Origin?

The universe may have always had an energy dimension that can initiate and manifest life. This may correlate with physical matter being 99.9 percent nothingness. However, energy is constant and this is our primary composition. Therefore, we are essentially it. Life manifests through objects. This implies that it manifests through itself in a constant cycle. The life energy field is similar to a frequency transformer/frequency regulator. We are a conductor of this energy. It is flowing in the vast origin of nothingness. 

The earliest forms of life started around 3.85 billion years ago (Achaean Period). Consciousness appears to be based on life. Therefore, does this mean that the dimension of universal nothingness first acquired consciousness after the beginning and expansion of life? We have yet to determine if there is any form of life on other planets or in other galaxies. Therefore, we should limit our discussion perimeters to earth. Furthermore, did objects on earth initiate a component of consciousness into a dimension of nothingness which is expanding through the energy of these life-forms? Did we create consciousness or are we simply influencing what has always been there?

Consciousness has the potential to become interwoven into the totality of this space void. Furthermore, it is likely that consciousness (the energy) is within everything. All objects are influencing it. Hence, how does this pertain to us? What possibilities are available? Likewise, what impacts (personally, socially and evolutionary) will this eventual have on us and the universe? I would love to hear your ideas. Please write and share with me.

Best wishes

P.S. Are you curious about consciousness? The link below is from the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy and offers a vast amount of insight.




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