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Words Are Best Used and Then Forgotten

Words are only symbols. We use them as sticky tags. Thus, they seem to take on a meaning according to a thought or feeling. So, here is poem that offers a portal to the spaciousness beyond the labels and meanings.


Words are only expressions
And yes, these terms take on meaning.
But, these tags, in reference to living, can cause confusion.
So, what is right or wrong?
Everyone wants to know.
But, no one can really say.
And, such assertions only conceal the true way.
A word or phrase always demands attention. Continue reading


A Couch by Any Other Name

Are you familiar with the play Romeo and Juliet? William Shakespeare offers universal wisdom within this play. Similarly, a quotation from this play shares profound insight into the essence of being. A rose by any other name indicates that things are as they are in this moment. Call anything any name you wish. You can assume much. Thus, label and define everything. But, everything is what it is now. Regardless, if this is a person, thing, or situation. I often reflect on Shakespeare’s insight and this quote is a helpful signpost in the process of conscious living. The depth of this insight became obvious to me last week after the delivery of a new couch.


The couch was heavier than most (as least that’s what I told myself 😊). But, I got the sofa inside the apartment with help from a friend. However, a surprise came after unpacking the boxes. The furniture company sent two sofa components that do not fit together. I stood back in awe and considered the situation. Thoughts and feelings of disappointment, sadness, and frustration initially overcame me. Fortunately, it was obvious that this was the mind’s attempt to distract me. Thus, I simply acknowledged these thoughts and feelings. But, it did not seem necessary to attach my state of being to this circumstance nor any particular thought. Continue reading

Time Is a Foolish Game So Stop Playing

Time reflects your specific interpretation. Is this not evident in all aspects? How you view the inner universe decides everything. This allows us to reach for feats of grandeur. But, on the other hand, this phenomenon can restrict conscious awareness evolution. What is the deciding factor? Naturally, it is you. Your observation of the mind and inner universe determines what manifests. Likewise, a conscious understanding of what and why something manifests offers clarity and serenity. Acceptance is the key. The superimposed rules of time, for example, mean nothing. We create such things and we can just as easily do away with such manipulations and restricts. Of course, these guidelines have practical and relative use for us. But, do not benefit a conscious state of being.


Everyone is probably familiar with sayings such as time flies when you’re having fun or beat the clock. But, let’s consider something. Why does time fly or how do we beat the clock? So, we are solely responsible for creating these personal and collective illusions. And, the mind is indirectly responsible for this behavior. I use indirectly to suggest that the brain is simply doing what it does. However, each individual is responsible for becoming conscious of the minds demands and conditioned behavior. Continue reading

Make the Decision to Love and to Live

How often do you experience love? There is no actual research to verify how often this occurs. But, it is probably more than we realize. However, there is an interesting aspect to this question. Let’s consider loving and living relating to active conscious awareness. How we love and live is a decision. This choice is either unconscious or conscious. So, let’s reword the question. How often do you decide to love? How often do you choose to fully live?


Any decision influences our state of being. Once applied, this choice is the focus point of our brain’s output activity. This energy transfers through thoughts and emotions. These impulses directly influence our life experience. Thus, how you experience loving and living is dependent on either a conscious or unconscious act of being (Way of life). Also, unconditional love and absolute life should never be just a mental or emotional experience.  Observe love and life from within the flow of presence. Choose conscious awareness as a way of being. Continue reading

Discover the Path to All Possibilities

Usually, the mind bases our daily activities on routine and repetition. But why? Is everything really so tedious? The mind triumphantly says yes, it is all so mundane. Furthermore, the mind insists that this is normal because living life is dull. The mind is capable of many feats. But, pure creativity is not necessarily a mind creation. In fact, it is likely that the mind just hit the emergency brake. The mind will tell you that I am crazy for making such a statement. Nonetheless, I suggest that you continue reading and simply let the mind babble on. Remember, never take the mind too seriously. Thus, you discover that living life is so much more than the thoughts about living life.


Creativity is a blossoming flower that originate within the silence between thoughts. It is in this stillness that the process of conscious awakening occurs. This acknowledgement offers a beneficial sign post on our inner journey. We can call this silence the unmanifested energy of consciousness. Or let’s simply use the expression conscious awareness for our discussion purposes. This is a haven of calmness in the midst of any mind-made storm. So, how do we discover this vastness?  Life, love, and all that is creative are here between words, between thoughts, and even between emotions.
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Chop Wood and Live Within the Presence of Now

What are you aware of in this moment? Awareness defines your existence. The search for enlightenment has become more apparent in our society. This exploration of self-discovery in the pursuit of serenity began after the awaken of self-consciousness. The Buddha offers insight for our consideration. He teaches that Before Enlightenment chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment chop wood, carry water.


Zen also teaches a similar philosophy about living life in a state of presence. The Zen quote When hungry eat, when tired sleep from Po Chang offers beneficial wisdom. The mind has difficulty accepting the simplicity of life. This mind resistance is due to the self-imposed details, complexity, and conditioning of our human existence.  Sages such as Buddha, Jesus, Jiddu Krishnamurti, and others offer us signposts to a pathway beyond the mind. 

So, what do the teachings of these sages really suggest?  Firstly, please understand that the mind is a helpful servant but a terrible master. Therefore, any understanding of life based strictly on the mind will only cause further confusion and complexity. How does insight resonate with you? The act of being allows balance and harmony in the experience of life. Nonetheless, strictly living from mind assumptions, interpretations, and definitions manipulations the simplicity of living. Here also, don’t let the mind fool you. Simplicity does not suggest a paradise without worry or pain. Foremost, your essence is universal presence. Secondarily, this presence is manifesting through an object/body. Continue reading