Process of Awakening Consciousness

I will be sharing personal experiences on an ongoing basis that reflect the process of awakened awareness to consciousness. Many people, perhaps all people, are aware of consciousness at a given level. However, it is not necessary to categorize how conscious you or any other person is in this moment.


The realization of being conscious is enough. This will allow an expansion of the portal to the vastness that is becoming conscious. Moreover, there is a balance, harmony and spaciousness that will automatically occur. It is amazing to experience the process of this natural development. It will become very obvious that everything is happening without you really needing to do anything.

Process of Non-Attachment

The mind will continue to do what it has always done. However, you will become less and less attached to its activities. Non-attachment to it and literally all things will actually allow you to experience something without a doubt and in a pure state of being.

The unblemished moment becomes the center of your focus. Therefore, details within the moment lose any tangible long-term impression on your state of being. We could call this a state of non-contamination that is possible through non-attachment.

A person usually does not understand how and why something manifests in his or her existence. Furthermore, this suggests a lack of awareness to the current moment. Nevertheless, please reflect on what I am sharing. Do this by looking inward to that part of you that is you and so much more. There is an intelligence that is within and encompasses all objects.

We can now understand that the development of this world and the universe is dependent on what we think, what we wish and what we decide.

The process of your conscious awakening will become more and more evident. You will begin to see situation from a perspective that is contrary to thoughts and emotions. Furthermore, you will experience the mind with a clear consciousness; literally. The repetitive cycle of thoughts, confusing and often fear will fade away.

Conscious awakening simply involves true awareness of the moment. This will eventually allow object consciousness and universal life consciousness to reunite harmoniously.

I have included a video clip of myself discussing examples of conscious awareness. This experience clearly illustrates how everything will change during the process of awakening. We will become more and more aware of the vastness within presence and being consciousness.



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