Temporary Static: Here Today Gone Tomorrow

You are a temporary object manifesting energy in this moment. Therefore, you are alive. This, in itself, is wonderful. However, is it significant? We can consider this relatively and absolutely. The former is no and the latter is yes. Nevertheless, acknowledging and accepting this temporal state can provide a stepping stone to infinity.


Yet, we can only truly realize immortality by going beyond object generated static. Nonetheless, our daily situations often seem very ominous; even devastating. This is because of the personal and collective mind conditioning accumulated over hundreds of thousands of years (clock time). Now is forever. The current situation is temporary. How do we realize the temporary insignificance of any given situation? Firstly, deeply understand that the form is always different. This is true, regardless how the mind interprets something. Static is Static. It interferes with our awareness of the unity shared by all things.

However, we can rise above this impermanent state. We should, however, not attempt to resist or ignore this frequency. Otherwise, attempting to avoid it will only cause you to focus on it. Furthermore, it is easy to become lost in this mind energy created state. This dimension thrives on our lack of presence. Therefore, we remain stagnant and permanently turning in circles.

Lost in a Realm of Temporary Illusions

We also become overwhelmed by the diversity of these temporary object forms during our existence. Therefore, it is easy for the mind to convince a person that something is serious and very permanent. Do you remember listening to a song? Suddenly, it was not possible to focus on it due to interference. This may have been a radio static, a car horn or people talking. This happens strictly because of mental and or physical distractions.

However, it was still possible to hear the song from a place beyond any temporary static frequencies. Therefore, our practice is to become conversant with the song of life that vibrates throughout the universe. 

Best wishes

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