Lucky Penny: This Is Not Enlightenment

The quest to reach enlightenment is similar to a 16th century quote. Oh! What a tangled web we weave. (Marmion: A Tale of Flodden Field, Walter Scott) And indeed there is still a lot of confusion about living in a state of conscious awareness. Mind conditioning has mostly dominated our existence. Thus, people often consider the search for enlightenment to be a quest. Still more prevalent is our behavior regarding this illumination. Many people compare conscious awakening to finding a shiny lucky penny.


So what happens when you find a penny? Mind conditioning tells you that it will bring luck. This is a fantastic discovery because the worth of a penny is nothing compared to the luck within it. At least this is what the mind thinks. Thus you hold the penny tight for fear of losing it. And you dream about the wonderful things that are going to happen. People proclaim that everything will be different (better) because of the shiny piece of metal.

How long does this excitement last? This will vary from person to person. But one minute to one hour is a fair estimation. How is finding a lucky penny similar to people experiencing a moment of conscious bliss? Somehow, we consider living consciously as random and fleeting as finding a coin on the street. On the other hand, a moment of conscious awareness feels different. It is peaceful and thrilling at the same time.

A Lucky Penny Is Not Conscious Bliss

But enlightenment, let’s say awakened consciousness, is not a random experience. It is ongoing. Therefore, it is not a lucky penny to find and cherish. Consciousness manifests through people, things and situations. However, the bliss that you feel isn’t because of someone or something. The mind will have difficulty acknowledging the following insight. You are you. This is essentially life energy. Universal intelligence is becoming conscious through you. Thus being and living conscious bliss depends on you. Practice recognizing that consciousness is expanding and ever-lasting.

The conscious awakening process will indeed first seem to only have random moments of bliss. Enjoy such a moment without treating it like a lucky penny. Otherwise, you will become preoccupied and obsessed with it. This will cause anxiety and fear because you don’t want to lose it. Practice living consciously, observe, and relax. Eventually occasional moments of bliss will become a steady heart glow that you share with the universe. And it will give back to you.

Best wishes


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